Ruger 22/45 going back for service

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Defiant_one, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Well, I clean and lubed, checked everything I could but she still jams. I was able to get two mags through but then by the 3rd mag, it double feeds. Well, what it does is fails to eject the spent cartridge and as it tries to feed the fresh one, pushes the spent cartridge up against the ejector. Definitely not the right direction and it jams in there pretty good. Sigh.

    I wanted to like the gun but this is not quality control. The mags sucked out of the box, It has this issue. Lets see if I have to jump through hoops to get it fixed.
  2. Defiant_one

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    Hmmm...maybe I found a fix

    It appears many people have this problem with the MKIII - Caused by the metal plate of the loaded chamber indicator. Remove that and problem goes away...I will give it a whirl...

  3. SSGN_Doc

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    I have a Mk II, so can't relate to the loaded chamber indicator.
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    JonM is pretty knowledgeable on those Ruger pistols. maybe he will chime in here and give you some feedback as to what the issues might be.

    the only issues i have had with mine were ammo related as to failing to fire with some of the bulk Winchester ammo. but they didn't fire in my rifle either when i tried them.
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    You did check that the two-pronged guide rod is correctly seated in the bolt assembly, and the recoil spring slides freely.
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    Been over it from top to bottom. It definitely seemed like the ejector was not working. So I just stripped the gun (again), did the easy removal...cleaned and lubed again (since it was apart) and out to the range tomorrow to see if she is fixed. WHEN she fires, she's pretty sweet. When she doesn't, it take all the joy out :(
  7. danf_fl

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    I have a PPK/s that does the same thing with standard velocity ammo.

    When I feed the sucker HV, I hove no problems until it gets too dirty from shooting.

    The owner's manual suggests HV for mine. After I started having problems, I found that in my manual.

    Try some HV before sending it back.

    There is also some supposed HV that does not work. CCI seems to be best for mine.
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    My mark 3 went back for the same problems when new a few years back. Chamber indicator on or off had no affect. Can't tell what the rugger cs did to it but came back running like a you hope one should. Did not matter the ammo used . Now a few thousand rounds down range and all is hundred percent. Not really worthy of worry'n about. Ruger will get you a shipping label and have it fixed in back in short order.