Ruger 10/22 Trigger help

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    Hi, I was recently taking my Ruger 10/22 apart to clean it. I popped those two plastic tubes out of the trigger group to get the trigger off. So I had the trigger off and accidentally pulled the trigger. so that metal piece flew forward as expected. then I went to pull that piece that flew forward back and a spring flew out of the trigger. Does anyone know how to put it back together? seems like it should be easy but I just cant figure it out. Ill post pictures of the area the spring shot out of and the spring.

    update: I got the spring piece pack in the trigger. pretty simple if the spring doesnt shoot off of the rod that it's on haha.
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  2. skip

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    In future takedowns, place the action in a large ziplock bag or similar, large enough to get your hands in there with it. That'll help catch parts trying to escape.

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    I had mine done by Stalkingbear. Excellent work and great service. Highly recommended!
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    i learned the hard way myself, never dry fire a 10 22 trigger when out of stock.