Ruger 10 22 receiver

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    Hello all, I am looking for a ruler 10 22 receiver to finish my g36 conversion. Anyone have one they are looking to sell? Please let me know . Thanks
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    For what you want one for go by the pawn shops and find yourself a beater 10/22 to get the reciever. No one unless they lost there mind is going to sell just a reciever cheap. That is the FFL part on these rifles. There are some after market recievers cheap at 125 but most all have the scope base milled in to them and cost more. Thats what we all want for a cheap reciever only for a customs. Good shopping might get you a beater rifle for around 125.00. Atleast that way when or if you get tired of your g36 you can still have a complete rifle for a good hunter a start for a custom.