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  1. hawkguy

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    i'm not really in the market (yet). but i had a quick question about the ruger 10/22 in relation to models currently available.

    i had someone who is a reliable source tell me that the sporter version of the 10/22 is at least slightly more accurate than the carbine version. does anyone else have experience with both in regards to their accuracy?

    next, is there a sport version in SS other than the special edition that has a 22" barrel? i think i might be interested in a sporter stainless version, but i don't want that long of a barrel. what are your thoughts on the stainless carbine model?

    thanks for any input.
  2. Commocarl

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    Hey Hawkguy
    I am by no means an expert on all the workings of a 10/22 but I have been reading extensively, on several boards, as I just recently bought one.

    From what I have read the .22 LR round reaches maximum velocity in the standard barrel, a longer barrel could only add more barrel whip (if that is possible with a .22 lr round).

    The only 10/22's, in current production with the stainless steel barrel, are the takedown (synthetic stock), target (laminate stock), and carbine (synthetic stock). Some of the distributor exclusives have stainless barrel and wood stock.

    As this is a mass produced rifle, the accuracy will be a crap shoot. You have to really look at what you are expecting from the rifle. If you are after critters, practicing marksmanship or plinking, it should be plenty accurate out of the box.

    If you are into target accuracy, you will be replacing the barrel anyway, as well as 75% of the rifle, with third party parts.

    As far as my experience with the 10/22, I bought my stainless carbine for practicing marksmanship. I have replaced the stock sights with ghost ring sights, and added a sling. I had a minor eject problem that has pretty much worked it's self out.

    As much as I love the stainless barrel, I lothe the synthetic stock (too light), I have bought an old used wooden one and I am refenishing it.

    I would say, buy one. You won't be disapointed. Think of out of the box as a starting point, as the 10/22 has almost as many options as an AR.

  3. Redleg

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    I have 4 10/22s and as best I can tell they all shoot about the same, which is to say, a heckuva lot better than I do, grin.

    The Take-Down version is a real hoot. I also have 3 carbine versions with the wooden stocks. All are nice; just depends on what you like.
  4. cbibb

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    Go to Rugers web sight and you can look up special guns put together for different distributors but don't get one with a barrel band as it takes a little accuracy away
  5. hawkguy

    hawkguy Well-Known Member

    this is what i was talking about. a trusted poster told me the same thing about the barrel bands.

    it always seems this way. what i want is a stainless model without the barrel band. the only one that exists has the longest barrel of any 10/22 and i really didn't want a barrel that long (22"). basically, i just wanted a stainless sporter model, but it doesn't exist. all these models, but not the combo i want....typical hawkguy luck :p

    although i would eventually mod it a bit, i really wanted an inexpensive plinker more than anything else. this won't be something i'll be dumping a lot of money into.

    i was considering the purchase for an appleseed shoot and other training, to save $$$ on ammo. so i do need it to be pretty accurate, or at least the most accurate a standard 10/22 can be.
  6. GonzoGeezer

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    I had not heard this before. Just curious, Where does this conclusion come from? My older Carbine (1993) seems quite accurate to me. Hard to think a Sporter would necessarily be more so.


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  7. JTJ

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    Buy the standard carbine and get a Boyd's stock. Nice laminate in a bunch of different color options and styles. The new 10-22's have plastic trigger assemblies and you will probably replace that too.