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    I'm sure this has been brought up a hundred times before, but what are some cool ideas for turning a normal 10/22 into extraordinary.

    Tactical Stocks
    Hi-Cap magazines
    CHEAP optics

    I have even seen one as an M249 SAW, or FN Minimi, whatever you prefer. The trigger wasn't a trigger, but a turning knob, if anyone knows where to find any of the aforementioned items, I would much appreciate a link or directions. Thanks
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    BMF Activator is the crank operated "automatic" 10/22 accessory:
    BMF Activator, 10/22 Accessories, Firearm Components, Shooting :

    SAW conversion kit here:
    TIG Home Page

    A lot of conversions can be done from metal airsoft rifle frames. Other than those two links, google can give you some pretty good results if you search for 10/22 stocks, accessories, etc.

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    If you want a real 10/22 project, turn it into a .17M2. That round kicks the beans out of the .22 LR in every respect, aside from cost of ammo. I did one a few years ago just as, and just before, components for conversions were being offered and just as abruptly discontinued. I finally got everything put together right and it's a squirrel and rabbit slayer (woodchucks and crows inside 100 yards are doomed). It also makes me feel good about myself by putting as many rounds as I want into a dime or less at 50 yards.
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    The conversions were stopped because the pressure spike of the 17M2 was blowing up the Rugers. They were dangerous. If you want to use the hotter 22lr ammo like Velocitors, It is a good idea to install a buffer.
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    The conversions were rushed into production because someone tried to make a buck quick. With proper bolt weight and spring application the 10/22 receiver is fine with the Mach2. I have over a thousand rounds through mine and it hits, doesn't malfunction. The pressure issue is with the curve in relation to bolt movement and dwell, not the overpressure or "spike".
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    My 10 22 Charger... lots of "trick" parts, and deadly accurate. I can neuter a gnats at 75 yards all day. My favorite ammo is CCI Stingers. That little extra muzzle velocity makes a big difference at 75+ yards.

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    That should be followed by a big "IMO!"

    I did a LOT of research before I re-triggered mine. I saw a lot of opinions that the TG2000 trigger is inconsistent and overhyped.
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    I agree...

    There are lots of hi-quality 10 22 parts available from LOTS of manufacturers... KIDD, HORNET, TACTICAL SOLUTIONS, and many, many, many more. For what it's worth, it's VC not VQ, for the Volquartsen Custom logo.
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    Here's my 2008 10/22 stainless steel custom. It shoot great even with Federal 550 bulk ammo and the standard factory barrel.

    Here's what I've done to it:

    KSA "Trailblazer" stock from Stocky's Stocks
    Eagle muzzle brake
    Shooter's Ridge bipod
    Butler Creek "Steel Lips" 25-rnd. magazine
    Weaver See-thru scope rings
    Simmons 3X9X32 .22 Mag. scope with A.O.
    Super Sling 2 - 1"
    Uncle Mike's S.S. Sling Swivels
    Volquartsen internals
    -Target Hammer
    -Extended Mag. Release
    -Automatic Bolt Release
    -Exact Edge Extractor

    The target is at 50 yards with Federal Bulk Ammo

    I have a little over $600 in it.

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    there is also a kit that turns it into a 1927 thompson .tommy gun ...or the military commando m1 look alike