Ruger 10/22 action and trigger assembly

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    Greetings gun lovers across the globe!
    I have been going to and participating as an Instructer In Training (Orange Hat) to the RVWA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association) Appleseed Project shoots in our area. Because the .22 platform is inexpensive to teach rifle skills with, we use A LOT of .22 semi-auto rifles in training. IMHO the Ruger 10/22 is one of the best rfiles for this purpose; They are rugged, accurate and reliable.

    Here's my question:
    WHERE I can buy JUST the Receiver, Action and Trigger Groups? (Basically everything BUT the stock and barrel.

    I have access to buy 3 or 4 original stock/barrel combos from owners who have upgraded stock and barrel combos, and I thought that if I can buy the Receiver, Action and Trigger Groups? (Basically everything BUT the stock and barrel,) I can save a good deal of money.

    So... where do I turn guys????

    Thanks in advance!

  2. tonydewar

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    you will probly better off looking for junker 10 22s than to buy a after market reciever my last project gun i found at a show and after walking away twice got it for 75.00 the reciver carrys the sn so it will involve a ffl thay are also high doller and a new 10 22 would be less costly
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    Do a google search for 10/22 reciever. There is a company that sells a 80% reciever. Just needs the holes drilled. They also sell the jig to do it. If I remember right, each reciever is about $125? The drill jig and drill bits are about another $50. And since its not technically a gun, there is no FFL for it. Or you can do like I'm doing and mill your own.

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    So by a reciever and bit for 175 bucks ?? A new complete basic rifle is 180.

    Used 10/22 can be picked up cheap and will work fine. If your teaching class you need a solid functional rifle . Buy a 795 marlin for 135 or a used beater marlin 60. Don't mess around with parts guns for teaching .
  5. Brother_COM

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    Yeah, I was afraid that the parts would cost just about as much as a new rifle. And drilling holes... I'll save that for Bedroom Olympics later this evening :D

    I have a Marlin 795 for my small daughter. I cut 3 inches off the stock to fit her well. I don't really like that rifle although it was $125 with a $25 dollar rebate to boot! Some of our firing sequences are timed and the marlin Mags are a bit trickey. They require 2 hands to extract. Me likeum Ruger Rifle!

    Thanks for the tips guys!