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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by cottontop, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. cottontop

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    I am seriously thinking of buying a Ruger # 1 single shot. They have a strong and reliable action and they sure are nice to look at. My only concern is accuracy. I realize the caliber chosen might make some difference. I am looking at the 7x57 Mauser. This is an inherently accurate round as I have had good accuracy fromit even in old model 96 military guns.
    If you have some experience w/ the Ruger single shot, regardless of caliber, what has been you experience with accuracy. Will the Ruger single ever compare to a bolt action accuracy wise?

    And, Merry Christmas everybody!
  2. JTJ

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    I had a 1A in 30-06 and it was accurate. 1MOA- with handloads. It had 4 deer to its credit. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I had some tough financial times. It had a really nice stock that was a twin for the stock on my Red Label 20 gauge. I sold them as a pair for a lot more than I paid for them.
    The 7x57 is one of the great cartridges of the world. Factory loads and loading data is for the older rifles. I believe there is some #1 specific loading data that is hotter. There was some very specific data for the 45-70 in the #3.

  3. Txhillbilly

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    I had a #1 for several years in 300WM.It was pretty accurate,and would shoot right around MOA with handloads.
    From what I've seen'#1's either shoot good or they don't.There are a few things that can be done to them if they don't shoot good that will help them come around.

    They are some beautiful guns.
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    Great rifles!! Great cartridge!! Merry Christmas to you also.
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    Ruger S.S.

    If I do get the Ruger, I would like to discuss with you via pm's what can be done to help accuracy if it needs it. Would that be ok w/ you?
  6. Txhillbilly

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    You can google Ruger #1 accuracy problems and probably find all the info.It just has to do with shimming the fore stock.I never had to try it on mine,but I did come across a few articles that talked and had pictures of what they were doing to them.
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    I had a #1 in .243. I have never shot a better rifle. I could hit a half dollar at 300 yards with it. If I had a better scope and better eyes I know I could have done even more with it. Some day I will get anouther one but maybe in something alil heavyer than a .243
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    for the price of a brand new rifle you could actually get a T/C encore pluse one barrel so you would really have two guns for the price of one with pretty good accuracy that would also be single shot. Also you have a ton of more caliber options for a pretty nice little price.

    My dad use to have a ruger no.1 light sport in 30-06 we never really shot it past 200 yrds and I had groupings the size of quarter off a bench. Pretty much the same results with a T/C encore in the same caliber
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    Good for Ruger

    One thing I love about Ruger is they make rifles for the older popular rounds like 7x57 and .303 British. Those are two of the best calibers ever (and my personal favorites) and tough find in a new gun. A Ruger#1 in 7x57 would be a really nice gun.
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    single shots

    Thanks for the info. I actually considered the T/C, but I (and please don't be offended) just can't get past the looks. I know they are good guns, but they remind me too much of the cheap old topper single shot shotguns my dad gave me to use when I was a kid going pheasant hunting with him and his friends and they all had shiny Browning automatic 5's, Superposed's, Remington 11-48's, and the like; and I had my cheap butt ugly 20 gauge topper. Now that I am older (much older I am sorry to say) and can afford it, I want something functional and pretty.
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    We had a 22-250 #1V that wouldn't shoot under 6" groups at 100 yards. There is a trick with the fore arm and a washer than can drastically increase accuracy.

    I have seen others that would shoot bug holes at 100 yards.