Rossi/Taurus "Circuit Judge"?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Joshua M. Smith, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Joshua M. Smith

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    I was out looking at SxS doubles tonight (nothing in .410, which is what I'm wanting this time around).

    This caught my eye:


    Fondled it a bit, and except for a loose stock, it felt good. It has a shield so as to keep the forearm safe from blast from the cylinder gap.

    Very light. .45 Colt/.410 shotgun. I don't like the .410 shotgun part, but hey, if it's rifled all the way down, no biggie.

    If it holds 4" at 100yds, I'd consider it as a light deer gun with the .45 Colt loads.

    However, I'm first looking for opinions. These things are not cheap, and I want to know that they'll hold together. The stock would also be refinished (the wood wasn't done well, but looks like everything else was).

    The one I looked at had both a 'scope mount and iron sights; I think the 'scope mount is sort of laughable for a carbine of this type, but you never know.

    Shouldering it, it felt gooood.

    If it shoots and holds up well, I'm sold.

    Opinions? Has anyone seen this thing yet?


  2. Angry_bald_guy

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    Well, it's certainly interesting... It looks like it was made from a Taurus Judge, right?

  3. Bigcountry02

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  4. crossfire

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    It would be even nicer if it were in .38-55 Winchester.
  5. hunt86

    hunt86 New Member

    taurus rossi circut judge

    hi my name is raymond i just recently purchased a circut judge from a local shoot shop for 459.99 and absolutly love it. i used a raised rail for my scope so i could use the iron sights for when i shot .410. at a distance of 100 yards i grouped 2'' with 45 longs and believe me it is a fun gun. my wife even shoots it. i would recomend any new shooter or even an experianced one who is looking for a gun like this to not pass it up and give it a chance. for an adverage price of 525.00 it is still a nice gun. and hopefully lookinng foward to interchangeable barrels and cylinders. would love to see a .357 and possably even a longer .22 but what would be really nice is a four shot .500 lol for when you need to get dirty hahahaha
  6. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith New Member

    Thank you Sir!

    I've been searching for a lightweight rifle to accompany me in the woods.

    The AR platform has been looking like the one I'd go with as I'd like to build a precision varminter rifle in .223 (I refuse to say "sniper rifle"... heh). Don't really like the AR; doesn't feel right to me, but my other choice, the Keltec 5.56 rifles, have a reported habit of breaking. This is a real shame as it would be the perfect rifle for my needs.

    If the Circuit Judge is, indeed, holding up, then it will become a candidate for the light rifle "break contact with bad critters" rifle of choice!

    Thanks again Sir!

  7. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    First off, I would be concerned about other aspects of quality if the stock was loose.

    You don't like the shotgun part, so there goes any advantage to having this setup over any other single-caliber rifle.

    4-inch groups at 100 yards are okay with you? On a deer, that much of a variance could be the difference between a fatal hit, an injuring (inhumane and tracking) hit, or a complete miss. And what if your shot is MORE than 100 yards? That increases the chance of the latter two possibilities exponentially.

    If I were you, I'd take a pass.
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  8. JonM

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    i would go for a really nice used lever gun in 45lc over a frankengun. but its up to you. the judges dont have a very good track record.
  9. Boyerracing343

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    Awesome looking gun. I would love to own one.
  10. jpattersonnh

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    I agree w/ JonM. The Judge has some issues. A lever gun would be a better choice. I picked up a full sized 1892 Rifle from these guys a few years ago. Mine is in .44-40. Great rifle! $475.00 OTD.
  11. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    I honestly can't find a purpose for that weapon and the fact that the Taurus name is on it makes me want it less.
  12. John_Carr

    John_Carr New Member

    If you don't like the AR, have you considered a Ruger Mini-14? I just picked one up for $479 in synthetic stocks and I'm waiting to receive a GG&G rail adaptor and Reflex sight to mount and try out.
  13. John_Carr

    John_Carr New Member

    Using this Rifle at moderate ranges, I would have no problems carrying one in the woods. You have the advantage of shooting a single higher powered bullet or multiple 000 buckshot. The buckshot is held in a plastic cup so it will pick up a stablizing spin. Even at that, I would imagine buckshot is only useful out to 30-40 yards. It just won't carry enough energy past that distance to ensure a one hit knockdown. At self defense ranges (inside 21 feet), I would rather have a more convienent weapon to handle in close quarters.
  14. red ryder

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    This gun looks pretty neat, i've had it on the back of my mind for awhile. looks like a fun little woods gun. I would be pretty interested if i could find one at a good price.

    does anyone know if they come with a 3inch chamber?
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