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    I have a chance to buy a nice Rossi Revolver .38 Special. I want to know as much information as i can get on it. Like when it was made, where, what model and age, etc.?

    On the right side it says, "IND. BRAS, MARC, REG." around a Rossi name in a circle. It's behind the cylinder, under the hamer area.

    Below the cylinder it says "Made in Brazil FIREARMS INT'L CORP. WASHINGTON DC."

    On the barrel it says ".38 SPECIAL"
    On the Left side it says on the barrel " AMADEO ROSSI & CIA SAO LEOPOLDO R.S.

    Grips are traditional walnut style. the gun is B finish but has steel color hammer and trigger.

    It's a Five shot!

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    I don't know looks to be an earlier model, I would pay about $125.