Rossi R92 lever action 44 rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by armsmaster270, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. armsmaster270

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    Does anyone have feedback on the Rossi R92 lever action 44 cal rifle.
  2. phideaux

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    Ive had one for a few years.model 92, 24" bbl, Stainless. Wood is nothing special. I had to replace front sight with a williams fiber optic ($20) ,it was shooting 4" high.
    My grandson ,now 12 yr old, has been deer hunting with it for last 3 years.
    I reload for it, and it is very accurate out to 100yrds, with open sights.
    I did the Steve Gunz slick job on the action, and it is really slick, smooth, awesome action.

    Nice, fun, see what it will do to a gallon water jug at 100 yds,:cool:
    I havent had any problems with mine.


    yeah, thats a limbsaver pad, for the grandson. Recoil is very light though.

  3. Hunterdan

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    I've got one in 357 mag. I was going to go with 44 mag, but went 357 because of ammo costs. It's a blast to shoot, pretty accurate and the action has gotten much smoother since I bought it. I have since replaced the rear sight, and refinished the stock, added sling swivels and a sling. I may end up picking up another one in 44 mag to use for more serious hunting.