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    Hello Friends, Just bought a Rossi model 68, 38 sp. A police trade-in, Everything functions great - lockup is as tight as my S&W, timing seems to be good, etc. - when it's unloaded. After I shot the first round the cylinder locked up, I swung the cylinder open, shut it and it shot the remaining rounds in the cylinder, reloaded and it locked up after I shot about three rounds. What causes this, I've heard Rossi has a lifetime warranty, is it the ammo, can it be fixed??? HELP. Thanks, Bernie

    Well, don't know if I have a problem or not. When I first got the gun I gave it a good cleaning but didn't oil it. After I shot it for the first time I cleaned it and gave it a good oiling. Just got back from the range and put 20 rounds through it without a single problem. I wonder if oiling it made the difference???????????
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    It could have. I've seen a couple of guns that the owner did not oil or clean the revolver at all. I stripped them down and cleaned the gunk out of all the small areas, oiled them, reassembled, and they worked like new.

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    I fixed a Ruger Security Six for a gal that the cylinder, hammer, and trigger locked up even the cylinder would not open. The problem was a dry and dirty pistol, once it was cleaned and oiled it worked fine