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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by athousandtimes, Nov 25, 2009.

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    What do you guys all think of the Rossi matched pair and Trifecta? I was shopping around for my first rifle (posted a thread yesterday) and came upon the Rossi combos. To summarize I'm looking for something I can hone my skills on and move up to hunting small game up to deer in a hilly area with a lot of trees and underbrush. I'm also on a budget of a couple hundred bucks.

    The combos caught my eye because they would allow me to practice .22, shotgun, (and possibly .243) all with the same purchase. I could practice a lot with the .22 (cheaper ammo) but still have the option of moving up to the .243.

    What do you guys think of these guns?
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    The Rossi is well made. I have not seen them used in hunting situations. The Handi rifle combo is another option. A friend bought a .308/20ga combo. Shoots fairly well at 100 yards w/ open sights.