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    Sorry if I missed any threads about it I actually couldn't find the search function :/

    First off let me say I am not a big gun guy. Recently though, I have caught myself looking at guns more and more. I do have a Glock 36 subcompact. I actually inherited it from my father after he passed. Now like I said, I am not a big gun guy but I am a firm believer in being able to protect your home. Big believer in that.

    Anyhow a friend had posted a photo of a Rossi Ranch hand he had just got and I thought it looked pretty badass. So I went to the Rossi website and saw most their guns are visually great looking. The one gun that really cought my eye was the Rossi Circuit Judge. Now I love the look of this thing, and yes as flawed as my motivation is my main draw to this gun is the looks, followed closely by the fact it fires the .410 GA. 3-inch Magnum shotshells, .410 GA. 2.5-inch shotshells and .45 Colt ammunition.

    Anyhow, the general conscience from the reviews I have seen is its great as self defense gun. My question is how many people own this gun/have experience with it? I am not a hunter by any means, but I wouldn't mind starting hunting a bit, mainly to fill up my freezer. That being said, I know the Judge was not meant as a hunting rifle, but what kind of hunting is possible with it if it was taken out?

    Anyhow, thanks for all the help.

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    I see a lot of similar threads now. No need to respond.
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