Rossi Circuit Judge For Hog Medicine/Home Defense

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by WannaGator, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. WannaGator

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    Howdy Ya'll.

    I am chomping at the bit thinking about next years Hog/Gator Hunt.

    We need some more freezer meat/ Heads for the Office Wall.

    I still haven't bought another Hunting Rifle and am giving a Rossi Circuit Judge some thought.

    GunBlast had a good review.

    What do Ya think about using 255 grain .45 LC LSWC and Winchester PDX1 for Hogs?

    Looks like this gun should be good for Home Defense also.
  2. CaseyChadwell

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    I love mine...I think a good Hornady hunting bullet in any weight will be just fine for hogs. I would stay away from the PDX-1 shotshells on hogs though, they are moving pretty slow and the pattern gets really big really fast.

    I even got to shoot a dove with mine yesterday! Luckily it was moving really slow and pretty low, and flew over my head. It took two shots but it ended up in the freezer.

    I am planning on trying to take a deer with mine this year, I am going to mount a small magnification scope on it and prolly used leverevolution ammo in it. Whatever weight I can find it in, just something that is a little lighter and moving a lil faster is prefered by me.

    Good luck on the hunting sir...

  3. Lindenwood

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    If they could handle. 454 casull or even +P. 45Colt, thry would be perfect. Still, it is effectively a semi-auto rifle capable of taking 300-500lb game (if youre willing to run +P), that can double as an HD auto shotgun, for $500. It is faster to reload and shoot than a lever gun, and has lots of leeway for COAL. Even with standard loads, you could load a cylinder worth of 5x000 buck and have an effective low-recoil HD solution, and still have a rifle that is pwrfectly usable to 100+ yards on anything under 200lb.

    If they could readily handle +P loads or especially. 454 casull, it would be a fantastically-versatile long gun. Still, Id take one over a lever-gun as long as I wasnt looking to hotrod anything.

    BTW, I will say I have heard of numerous people reporting no issues with +P ammo in their Judges, and Id probably personally do it with no real concern, but Taurus hasnt rated the Judge for those loads.
  4. natman

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    Can you kill a hog with one? Sure, although I would use 45 Colt loads, not the Winchester flying disc - no sectional density load.

    A Circuit Judge is roughly $500. You could get a Marlin / Savage centerfire rifle and a Mossberg 12 ga for HD for $600 total. It would be the best $100 you ever spent.
  5. KMO

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    Buy It for "The Wife"

    I picked up a used stainless Circuit Judge after getting my wife excited about having it for home defense. I took her down to Wal-Mart so she could see it & handle it, and then made my deal for the used rifle/shotgun.

    My 2-cent review...It is a fun little carbine to shoot. I never thought much of The Judge revolver's appearance, but it takes on a whole new (and better) look with the buttstock, forend, and longer barrel. The stainless finish has a high sheen to it, almost looking like nickel plating, but it does look pretty sharp.

    The furniture needs a little help. The blast shields do a fine job of protecting the shooter, but they also direct quite a bit of residue toward the wood forend. The factory finish seems little more than just stain, so I disassembled it and put a few coats of tung oil on both the forend and the buttstock. One other minor criticism is that the buttstock attaches to the frame with nothing but the same screw used for the Judge handgun. I believe that screw should be a heavier gauge to hold the larger buttstock, but I'll live with it until it fails.

    So, a little help with the wood treatment makes it easier to clean, and keeps the forend from becoming stained. Aside from that, it's a great buy (for the wife, of course), and there are some good HD .410 rounds on the market since the Judge became popular...;)
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  6. hardluk1

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    The Rossi CJ is not a good choice to be used for hunting. As covered it will not handel heavy 45lc loads and not be as accurate as could or should be. You do not want to shot a hog with a 410 reguardless of the load, Buy your self a marlin lever if you want a handgun cartriidge gun or a real shot gun like in 20 ga so you can shoot enough slug weight for deer and hog at a power level to do whats needed of it. But still be able to hunt birds and have a gun that can be down loaded if needed for your wife to get use to.