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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Ara, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Ara

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    Hello all

    I will be picking up a Rossi 92 (20 inch) 38 /357 rifle tomorrow.

    I just wanted to know the type of 36 spl (or 357 mag) ammo I should or shouldn't use.

    I don't reload my ammo. I Usually purchase ammo from chain stores (i.e wally world, sporting goods stors etc...). I have quite a few rounds of pmc 132 gr fmj 38 specials. Will these work?

    Also, I plan on using the rifle in an indoor range and they only allow fmj rounds. Is there a special type of fmj rounds - flat nose vs. round nose vs?- that work best ?

    Any advice from fellow Rossi owners is highly appreciated.


  2. JonM

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    they might work. rossi's can have real issues with functioning out of the box with both 38 and 357. they often need some love from a smith that knows the platform. once they get running they tend to run ok.

    i do cowboy action shooting and rossis are used a lot. the folks using rossis tend to have knowledgable people work on them to get em running and they still have real issues. marlins also have trouble running 38/357 and are prone to jamming up like the rossi 92.

    a bit back i was looking for a lever gun for CAS and seriously considered a rossi marlin or uberti pretty much whichever i lucked into first. i ended up with a uberti 1873. after doing the CAS thing for a while the folks i see having problems are always the rossi marlin guys/gals.

    my take on it is its a crapshoot it might work out of the box without problems it might not. if it doesnt getting work done to make it run will quickly outstrip the cost of getting an uberti.

    anyway just my take on it.

    whichever way you go running 38's in a 357 lever gun can have serious problems due to how a lever gun loads the lifter from the magazine. the shorter 38 can hang one up. if you get it running 38's and then switch to 357 it can have issues. number one is case seperation when after firing a lot of 38's then start using 357's the longer case gets stuck on the fouling left behind by the 38's and case head seperation can easily happen at that point or a chronic stuck cases and ripped rims situation can occur.

    if you go that way be sure to thoroughly clean the chamber before switching ammo types.
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  3. moonpie

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    i'm a new R92'er myself . i ordered a stainless trapper off gunsamerica for my bday last may and i'm still smiling. it was a few weeks before i had the time to drive the 30 or so miles to LOCK'N'LOAD outside ft rucker and use their range. until then i spent quality time smoothing up the action( playing with the lever) and cruising local shops clearing out their last one or two boxes of 38 special. but in the end all my hard work paid off because that shiny gun chewed and spit everything fed to her so far. i have encountered one serious problem though - a shop on the other side of the line has a slightly used 20in 44ma................................
  4. Ara

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad your enjoying your 92. I bet its a fun rifle to shoot. 357/38 's are a rarity out here. All I ever see is 44 mags and 45 colts. Finding ammo on the other hand, is still a major challenge.
  5. Ara

    Ara New Member

    Thanks Jon for the input.
    It seems like the functionality of the 92 is a hit or miss!