rossi 92' .454 scout ?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by purduecasey09, May 29, 2011.

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    I'm From Indiana and i'v been looking into getting a lever action rifle for deer hunting since they have changed the laws to allow pistle cartrige rifles. i have found a rossi 92' .454 W/ a scout scope and a cheek riser. i'v have looked into it and i like what i have seen in reviews as far as weight, durability and knock down power. its in like new condition no scratches what so ever, its blued barrel W/ walnut stock. "beautiful gun almost to nice to take to the woods" the guy has it for a little over $400. Does anybody have any feedback on the gun or weather the price is good. thanks
  2. hiwall

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    Many years ago I had one in .357. It was a piece of crap. I assume they make them much better now.

  3. robocop10mm

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    A friend of mine has one in .454 and loves it. He swears by it for hogs and has taekn them at nearly 100 yards with it. Some of the earlier Rossi's were reported to have QC issues. If this one works and is reasonably accurate, go for it.
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    454 Rossi carbine

    I toon one look at the muzzle as it sat in the rack thinking another Marlin 1895 in 45-70, on closer look it looked more evil:D
    Thats the one I saw in a local gun shop, this one was stainless steel and walnut stock, I noticed to beef the action they did away with the loading gate and the tube mag locks like a rimfire's the fit and quality were top notch, pretty thick rubber recoil pad, the price tag scared me off $730
    looks like a very stout carbine (one I saw was a carbine) the mag was almost flush with the muzzle and looked very wicked cool.