Rossi .357 Lever

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by aandabooks, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. aandabooks

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    What's a fair price for a .357 Lever in stainless? LGS has one that I'm considering. MSRP is $599 but what are they really going for?
  2. magnumman

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    Last price on Buds was $462. For the price you are talking, you can get a marlin 1894 which I have and highly recommend. Never owned of fired a Rossi so I can't speak to their quality but that weird safety on the top of the receiver is a turn off. The marlin has a cross bolt safety which is a little less in your face.

  3. Mongo

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    They were an excellent quality rifle when they were made by Rossi and held one more round inthe tube than the Marlin. I don't know about their quality since they are now owned by taurus. It's no secret that I have a low opinion of taurus. Some folks have had good luck while others have to return new ones for service. I bought the Rossi in 44 Mag (a real Rossi) stainless and like it a lot. I used to own a Marlin 1894 that I also liked a lot but decided that I don't need 30 30 caliber.
  4. jpattersonnh

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    I have an EMF Hartford .44-40. Great rifle. 24" octagonal barrel and smooth as silk. Accuracy is outstanding. It was made by Rossi and EMF did the smoothing out, refinement. They changed the sights to a barley corn front and adjustable buckhorn rear.
    My buddy has a .45LC Rossi with an 20" round barrel. No goofy safety and is fairly accurate to 75 yards. Not as smooth, but still not bad. Trigger is VG.
  5. moonpie

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    I got mine off GunsAmerica . If you are patient you can find one well below the $500 mark.