Rossi .223 break action

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by trip286, Jul 6, 2012.

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    I traded my broken down Nissan Pathfinder for it, thinking maybe it will be a fine little shooter for my son...

    I'll confirm the ammo later on, as I don't have the box sitting in front of me, but it's Tulammo, and I want to say 56 grain... I hope it was the cheap ammo that's the problem....

    I put the first two shots through it, firing at a paper plate 50 yards away, and saw no holes appear...

    I looked around and found a big roll of white cardstock, ripped my paper plate down, put up a sheet of cardstock, and stapled the plate back in the center. The sheet of cardstock I put up was approximately 3' wide x 4' tall.

    I fired 2 more shots. One strike in the lower left corner, barely on the paper, and one just about in the middle of what would be the upper right quadrant, about halfway between the bull's eye and the upper right corner. I fired a third shot just for the hell of it, didn't hit paper.

    I looked around again and saw a caldwell lead sled sitting on one of the tables behind the line. I grabbed it. Set the rifle in. Got behind it. And I got similar results for the next 3 shots.

    Just to make sure that I wasn't manipulating the lead sled, I strapped the rifle down, bagged the sled, sighted it in on the target without touching the rifle, stood to the side and pinched the trigger for 2 shots, and then was watching through the scope being careful to not touch the rifle or sled with my body for another 3 shots. At this point, the target is looking like it was hit with a Bond Derringer 410. There was a total of EXACTLY one hole in the paper plate. In the very edge at the 6 o'clock position.

    I went up the hill to the range owner's shop and told him the situation, and asked if he'd like to come take a crack at it. Like a true good ole boy, he wasn't about to turn down a chance at shooting someone else's ammo.

    He ran the final 5 rounds through it. We went down range to look at the target, and after 20 shots, the 3x4 sheet of cardstock had a total of 13 holes in it.

    He walked to the car with me while I dumped it unceremoniously in the trunk, and he asked out of curiosity what I had in the case. So I unpacked my Eddystone. He asked why I wasn't shooting it, and I told him I didn't have ammo, and only had some limited funds. He offered me a box in exchange for letting him shoot a box through it too, so of course I agreed.

    We each shot five, overlapping 5 shot groups at 100 yards.

    Then I broke out my 1911 and discovered how incredibly and shamefully rusty I had become with it. I shot two mags and got a shotgun pattern at 7 yards, but at least they were all on the plate. 5 mags later I made a ragged hole.

    ALL shooting was done slow fire, 97 degrees F, NO wind at all, 30% humidity.
    By slow fire, all rifle shots were fired after the barrel had cooled for about 5 minutes.
    Pistol was just slow paced, well aimed shots.

    I'll try some different ammo with the rossi. If I get the same results I'll either wrap the barrel around a tree or just take it to a pawn shop and drop it off for a little pocket change. Or maybe trade it for some .30-06 ammo...
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    The Rossi may have 1:12 or 1:14 twist. You may need to use lighter bullets than the 55 grain. I have a rifle with 1:12 twist that loves 45 grain bullets.

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    Only 30% humidity? You guys are having some nice weather over there!
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    I most definitely will keep that in mind. I don't know much about the behavior of .225 or 5.56, all I know is that I can hit my targets with an issued M16 or SAW, and with the issued ammo.

    I have been seeing here on the forum that people are saying basically to use a tighter twist with a heavier bullet, and lighter bullet with a more subtle twist. When I get ready to try again, I'll definitely be using some lighter ammo. Thanks for the tip.

    Yep. Freaking dry. It's only been around 20% for the last week or so. Surprising, because the swamps should be steaming right about now boosting the humidity through the roof.