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Just got my first handgun a week ago, a Glock 17. I went clean it today and put the slide back on without putting the recoil spring in. Now I can't get the slide off. What do I do to get the slide back off?

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Oh yea, Welcome to the forum MattGlock17 (I get it :D I usually do.)

The two things we extract from you for the valuable information gleened from the forum are;
You must have thick skin, and
You must have a sense of humor that allows you to laugh at everything, including oneself!

With that said;

Really, Glock experience is like the Metro train, one will be by here soon!

Again, welcome to the FTF.

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Push the slide forward until it is even with the back of the frame. Hold it there and pull the trigger to drop the striker. Then pull the slide back an eighth inch or so, pull
down on the takedown latch as usual and slide it off forward. What's keeping it from coming off now is the trigger bar and striker are engaged.
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