Ronald Reagan

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    User a lot of truth in this.

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    RIP President Reagan, we sure miss you!

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    Amen brother , that man was a TRUE statesman , best POTUS we've had in my lifetime so far. Just turned 50. Mickey
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    I'm older - and I so appreciate what we had in President Reagan! And we thought so at the time - it's not just looking back with "the good old days" eyes.
    He was excellent - genuinely cared about the country - did an amazing number of things to stabilize the world and our country. Buried the Soviets in technology until their economy collapse trying to keep up with our military technological development pushes, reversed and recovered us from Jimmy Carter's disastrous economy of 16% inflation - flirting with hyper runaway inflation, recovered us from Jimmy Carter's disastrous Iran policy and "invasion", brought down the Berlin Wall by directly challenging the communist dictators of East Germany, shrunk the federal bureaucracy, lowered tax rates on individuals from the highest rates they had been, on and on...
    We can only hope that there will be someone similar who, somehow, can emerge.
  5. WebleyFosbery38

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    He not only blurred the lines dividing us, he literally erased them! The day he took office, our country started to unite like it hadnt since Nixon played coverup king! He probably saved my life and 10,000 others here and abroad yet didnt even know us. I was in Basic training singing Kill the Ayatollah Cadences and we were being prepared for a war in Iran to save our 50 citizens and overnight after he whooped peanut pickes ***, they were released!

    A couple few years later he did it again, I was staring over the Check border at our USSR NME's while stationed in Germany and all the sudden, they vanished in thin air (maybe not that quick but you get the point)! No more Soviet Union, no more Cold War, no more mutually assured annihilation, no more Communist World Domination to worry about, life was good!

    Tax cuts and trickle down economics slowly and surely revitalized our economy after living off Peanuts for the 4 years prior and our people actually flourished via the business, employment and vital economy not just a goobermint check in every mailbox!

    He was truly the Compassionate Conservative the rest of the Nation called him and really believed in truth, justice and the American way of life. The man represents everything we hope our children will become, Honor, Dignity, Humor, Diligence, Care, Empowerment, Graciousness, Humbleness and Respect.

    He was the last true President of The United States of America; since his time, we have become The Divided States of America; each and every POTUS in his wake being more divisive than the last.

    The last great communicator could and did speak to every American like they mattered, didnt curse half the nation and his lifes story is one that holds such distinction as being the epitome of the American Dream.

    I end with his most constant statement of hope, "God Bless you all and The United States of America"!
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    You could say he was the worst president we ever had. All he did was start the printing of money and running up the dept like no other president. He started this whole dept crisis we have now.
    Basicly he said I will just spend a whole lot of money that isn't there and then let some one else fix it later. What an *** he was.
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    Not true...


    Reagan ran up the national debt like no other save this idiot we have an attempt to "bury the russians"

    He also signed into law the "Firearms Owners Protection act" Essentially banning the sale and manufacture of automatic weapons for the unwashed masses.
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    PROOF that nothing good comes out of California.. Even the conservatives are awash in liberalism.

    I wouldn't call him the worst though.

    And I am NOT defending his gun laws, but I am stating that times were different, and Florida was literally becoming a 3rd world country. The drug king pins and Cuban crime wave saw shoot outs every single day with machine guns. That's no joke. Time ran a front page article 'paradise lost', and Florida was the most dangerous place in the world then.

    Not excusing the erosion of our rights... Just saying, those were the times.