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    Well guys,
    I need your help, yet again. I bought a K-VAR plum furniture set for my Romy G, and I have almost finished putting it together. I need to find a friend who has a vice so I can remove the wood hand guard from the gas tube. That hand guard is next to impossible to remove.

    After several attempts to do it with a wrench and by hand (sans vise), I gave up. Now, after I put the gas tube back in place, the lever of the sight block won't clear the gas tube in order to lock it in place. I don't know why. I put the gas tube from my other Romy G in, and it locks in place just fine. The back end of the gas tube looks like it's needs to be filed down in order to allow the level to lock in place.

    I thought of buying a replacement gas tube. They seem somewhat difficult to come by. K-Var has the Bulgaria, Arsenal gas tube with the vent holes for about $24.

    I read that some gas tubes may need some modifications to fit the Romy G. Could I use just about any type of gas tube, or am I better off just trying to file down the one I have?



    Please let me know where I can buy the gas tube if you guys know of a good site.

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    In order to get the hand guard off the gas tube you need to rotate the handguard 180 degrees and it should slide right off. Far as filing down the gas tube i couldnt tell you, but will it sit in place and you cant get the lever down or will not go in place? I know the lever on mine was very tight when i changed my handguards, and i had to gently tap it in place