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    Well I am brand new and just bought a Romanian AK 47 kit but have not received it yet. I have done a ton of research and mentally I have already built the AK after watching so much info. Small problem I need a shop press and a drill press . I don't mind buying these items because this is a Father Twin son project and if they lose interest well you know.
    About me. My boys are true History buffs and decided they wanted to collect WW11 weapons from each Country. Well we have 7 or 8 guns but they did not mention it was going to be all of my money oh well. I have my C & R license so at least I did not have to pay a FFL dealer for my purchases. So anyhow my Twins decided they wanted an AR !5 and I got a price and told them no. So I found the AK kit instead.
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    I didn't think we were up to 11 world wars already. I stopped counting at 2, lol.

    Actually building an AK sounds like a lot of fun and from reading a little about it over the last few years I passed on it. Mostly due to the tools required but also largely based on the lack of space I currently have to dedicate to such things, regardless to how much I'd really like to do it.

    Building an AK seems to be a lot cooler than assembling an AR. Maybe one day.

    I hear Harbor Freight is a good place to locate inexpensive tools such as the presses you're needing.

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    AK building is so fun you should have bought two kits because you won't stop at just one.
    As for the history side of AKs does the kit you bought have a big orange G on the side of the rear sight block? If it does it is a gun from the Romanian Patriotic Guard to read the history of this gun check out these links.
    What is a Romanian "G" anyway? -
    If you are wanting an AR you could get started with a Plum Crazy composite lower, they only cost $119.99.
    Snap on an upper and you are ready to go.