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    Been looking one of these over at classicarms..wondering if anyone has one and how they like it..pros/cons..etc...I scrolled back and didnt see any posts on thought I would ask
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    Never heard of them, so I did a quick Google of the name and found their website. The information is severely lacking. They don't tell you anything about the weapon other than the barrel length and twist.

    No telling what parts you are getting and they their 16" basic CAR knock off for like $769. From the pictures on their own site it looks like they have the lowers made for them and use someone else's upper. The fit looks okay, but the finish doesn't match and the lines to match up. Not important to function, but I would be interested in finding out a little more than just their blasse' website has to offer.

    I would think you should probably get a little intel about the weapon itself before you go blowing that kind of money. *shrug*

    Sorry I couldn't be of better help, but this response will bump this thread back up so maybe someone else can testify. ;)


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    Ive looked at those on I have also checked out RPGs site. Honestly my gut feeling says stay away. For $700 why go w/ a no name company.
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    You can get a DPMS for the same or less and they are a great gun!
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    Rocky Point Guns AR-15 = Early Stage Win

    Rating Scale: 5 = F, 6 = D, 7 = C, 8 = B, 9 = A, 10 = BAMF

    The Low-Down:
    I purchased the National Arsenal AR-15 from Rocky Point Guns via Classic Arms last week and paid just under $740. This price included the FFL fee and the current generation Magpul rear MBUS. It did not come with a carry handle/rear sight. I was going to buy the Magpul MBUS anyway so definitely take that into consideration. Note... this IS NOT the model they currently have posted on their site. This is the National Arsenal.

    Fit and Finish:
    The upper and lower receivers mate perfectly. It's impeccable. The finish, while not entirely the best, IS extremely consistent with this National Arsenal model. Everything is extremely tight. One issue, however, is that it shipped with a standard M4/AR telescopic stock from Tapco. This Tapco product isn't as tight as I'd like it, but it definitely operates well in spite. 7/10

    Upper Receiver:
    Standard chrome lined barrel with a 1 in 9 twist, standard A2 front sight post, and standard handguard. According to the RPG representative I e-mailed the barrel is entirely mil-spec. Given that it didn't come with any sort of sight is forgivable to me because, as stated earlier, I was going to throw a Magpul MBUS on it anyway. I'll touch on accuracy before my final comments so keep reading. 8/10

    Lower Receiver:
    Breaking the lower from the upper was a bit tough on the first try because the pins were very tight. This likely attributes to how tight the two portions come together, right? They push in and out smoothly now after having field stripped it a few times for practice. Is it still as tight? Absolutely. This thing fits together better than the Fabrique Nationable M16 I used during my brief college Army ROTC stint a few years back. The trigger is not mil-spec, or so I believe. It is FAR TOO CRISP. This trigger is absolutely amazing. The pistol grip is just a standard M16/4 series style. The fit is like every other part. Safety lever, etc. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yes and no. As stated above the Tapco stock isn't as good as, say, a Magpul MOE stock (which will inevitably replace this Tapco one). 7/10

    It comes without a carry handle or rear sight of any kind. It shipped bare flat top. The Magpul MBUS I added (awesome) was an additional 40 bucks to the overall purchase (ergo the $740 approximate price). This is neither hit-or-miss for me. Those of you that expect it to come with SOMETHING would consider it a miss. The sling is some generic two point cheapo. This, again, is neither a hit or miss for me because I'm going to upgrade as I can afford to do so. For the time being this is a hit. Think Murphy's Law... if it's stupid, but works, it isn't stupid. It also came with 2 Okay 30 round magazines. They wobble slightly more than I'd like them to but work. Again, I'm buying PMAGs, so my opinion on that is "whatever" because they work. 6/10

    I'm not going to lie. I've only put 20 rounds of Remington UMC 55 grain through it. I sighted it in with 3 shot grouping (like the military does). Let me clarify ahead of time that I am an amateur shooter. That said, however, I made immense progress with a mere 20 rounds. By rounds number 28-30 (on an earlier run I only shot two rounds) I was shooting out to 50 yards. It produced an inch group with two holes basically touching and one slightly off to the right about an inch. Being an amateur shooter let me say that I believe the stray to be entirely my error and should not reflect the accuracy of the weapon itself. By rookie I mean, prior to taking this out, I'd only shot an M16A2 in Army ROTC in college about 30 times. Back then I couldn't have grouped that well even at 25 yards. This brings me to believe that the Rocky Point Guns AR-15 is a fine weapon when it comes to accuracy. I've read some posts that say it's only a 100 yard gun. After this brief first glance I'd have to disagree. I feel confident that this will prove more than adequate out to 200 yards... maybe even 250 or 300. Only time will tell. 8/10 ... for now.

    Overall Thoughts:
    I purchased this because, as a true patriot, I support local businesses. Classic Arms is located very close to where I live in N.C. so it only seemed right to purchase through them. The fact that Rocky Point Guns is also a N.C. business is what ultimately made me take on this risky purchase. I'm not sure if you can get the National Arsenal version now because it isn't listed on their site, or Classic Arms for that matter. I don't doubt their current offering is any better or less than the one I currently own.

    So you're probably wondering... is buying this relatively unknown brand worth taking the risk? I wouldn't entirely say take a leap of faith because, as mentioned, I'm an amateur and have extremely limited time behind the AR platform. I haven't tried out any CMMG, Del-Ton, DPMS, Spikes, Bushmasters etc. whatevers. In my unbiased opinion this is a fine weapon, worthy of any broke or entry-level shooter such as myself. Do I trust it? At this early stage I'd have to say absolutely. Would I take it into combat? It's my only carbine so... yes. Better than nothing. I trust it so that's all that matters to me. Adapt and overcome should your system fail. Would I endorse this weapon? Maybe. I'll test it more thoroughly in the future and eventually post a Youtube video of some live fire stuff. It is extremely promising.

    Try them out if you're ever willing to say f*** it and buy one just because North Carolina dominates when it comes to college basketball (what more reason would you need?). Otherwise give me more time to put it through the paces and I'll get back to you with something more in-depth on Youtube.

    Stay frosty and God bless.
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