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rock river vs. S&W M&P

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Hello all,

I am new to the AR world, as alot of posts here seem to say. I have been looking for awhile and am now looking seriously. I saw a Rock River Predator Pursuit today at a gun show and it was sweet. 20" stainless heavy Wilson barrel, round forearm, in the flat top configuration. Nice trigger too. But the guy didn't take trades so, not having $1000 handy, I left. Went to a gun shop that is a dealer for RRA, and he also had a good deal on Smith and Wesson M&P's, flattop, 16" barrel, and a collapsable stock. I could get for $799 after rebate. Not bad.

Now, here is my problem. I really like the RRA. But pricey. S&W ok. Don't really like the skinny barrel and collapsable stock. My requirements are good accuracy and reliability. I am NOT going to accessorize this thing like I am going to combat. I handload and intend to taylor a load to the gun. I am going to use this gun for strictly target shooting, have a big scope on it, and the RRA has a 3/4" MOA guarantee. But the guy swore to me the S&W would shoot just as good. And could I swap out the collapsable stock for a fixed one? So, who has experience with the S&W? Some opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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I would prefer an AR15 made by Smith & Wesson.
:eek: Hey! What, the heck, are you doing over here?

I'm used to talking to you at GT! (And you're using the same screen name, too!) I was going to disagree with you - Especially since the receivers are made by the same company - but, I recognize you usually know what you're talking about. So, go ahead and tell me, 'Why' do you prefer the AR assemblage that's presently being marketed by S&W?
:) Yup! The receivers are produced by the same company - CMT.

S&W = Stag = Rock River, too.

In a rifle that's intended for long range shooting, personally, I think I'd take the better barrel on the Rock River, though. ;)
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