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rock river vs. S&W M&P

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Hello all,

I am new to the AR world, as alot of posts here seem to say. I have been looking for awhile and am now looking seriously. I saw a Rock River Predator Pursuit today at a gun show and it was sweet. 20" stainless heavy Wilson barrel, round forearm, in the flat top configuration. Nice trigger too. But the guy didn't take trades so, not having $1000 handy, I left. Went to a gun shop that is a dealer for RRA, and he also had a good deal on Smith and Wesson M&P's, flattop, 16" barrel, and a collapsable stock. I could get for $799 after rebate. Not bad.

Now, here is my problem. I really like the RRA. But pricey. S&W ok. Don't really like the skinny barrel and collapsable stock. My requirements are good accuracy and reliability. I am NOT going to accessorize this thing like I am going to combat. I handload and intend to taylor a load to the gun. I am going to use this gun for strictly target shooting, have a big scope on it, and the RRA has a 3/4" MOA guarantee. But the guy swore to me the S&W would shoot just as good. And could I swap out the collapsable stock for a fixed one? So, who has experience with the S&W? Some opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Apples and Oranges. RRA is a 20" 1/8 twist with no sights and a fixed stock guaranteed to shoot sub MOA groups at 100M. S&W is a 16" 1/9 twist with 6 position collapsable stock, Troy Industries BUIS on "A" models, and will shoot sub MOA groups at 100M and 200M after 3k rounds downrange.

If you plan on punching paper at 100M-300M, then either rifle will be more than accurate with the appropriate ammunition. If you plan on moving out to 600M, then you won't be satisfied with a 16" tube. I would buy the M&P, sell the Troy sights if you don't want them ($125), sell the 6 position stock ($75), replace with a fixed unit, then take the $200 I saved and have nice start to a new target scope. All in what you want the rifle to do though.
Yes, you can switch stocks easily. Without sights, it brings the two a little closer in price range. The beauty of the AR platform, is that if for some reason you find that the M&P no longer fits the bill in it's current configuration(long range, big game hunting, etc) you just drop in a new complete upper and have a new rifle. I have two lowers, but 4 complete uppers. 5.56, 7.62, 6.8, and the new .260 Remington. All have dedicated optics, so just pull two pins, drop in the new upper, start shooting. Just that simple. For that matter, you could buy a complete RRA Predator upper somewhere down the road and have both.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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