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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by lonyaeger, Jul 2, 2010.

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    I've been looking at this all day and I'm seriously thinking about buying one when I get back from vacation on Tues.

    What's the difference between the mid-length and CAR length? is one better than the other?

    I'm a newbie to the AR's

  3. Quentin

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    They're both good and there is debate which is better. I went with a middy for my build last year and am happy with it. Since the gas tube is two inches longer they tend to have softer recoil and are easier on the bolt carrier group. This extra length also gives you a longer sight radius if you're using iron sights and the longer hand guards can be an advantage. I like the look of a midlength too.

    Many prefer the carbine length gas system and it works very well. Also you get the M4 style barrel with the M203 cutout. Look at both designs and choose the one you prefer.

    RRA makes good ARs but widen your search and look at Spikes and BCM too. I would choose one of those instead. The Spikes middy and M4gery are real bargains right now, probably cheaper than RRA and certainly better.
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    Got the email on the phone this morning. Too damn bad I don't "need" nothing. :rolleyes: I've got stuff from them before and have been very happy. As for a $1k build - don't forget about STAG arms, very nice and just about the same or less than RRA. :)
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    go handle some. i like the midlength they feel better and handle better for me. my 458 socom is a middy and it feels well balanced to me. it feels quick. taking it hunting on my annual trip to texas this year. its taking the place of my winchester model 70 in 458 winmag. first hunt since 1986 im using a different gun.
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    Many recent posters seem to be looking for turnkey ARs as opposed to building them. I offered this up as a very good alternative for those people. :)
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    What the hell you hunting in Texas with a 458 Win Mag? We don't have dinosaurs running around here anymore,and I haven't seen any rhino's or elephants running loose lately.

    The 458 SOCOM will be just the ticket for hogs though.
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    Their email:

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    I'm glad I'm building my AR for the experience, but that price is smokin'! If every mature, right-minded citizen owned one of these, I would feel a whole lot more comfortable in this country.
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    I picked up one of the Tactical Operators (I guess it's now an Operator1 lol) at the first of the year when they had that sell the first time. You can't beat the price IMO. The first sell you could pick two freebies. One of my picks was the Dominator EOTech mount.