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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by deerslayer--01, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. deerslayer--01

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    I ordered a Rock River Arms .458 SOCOM on May 15th. They said the build time was 60 to 90 days. 90 days is fast approaching. I emailed them and asked if they were still on target for delivery. This is what was said;

    Most rifles right now run closer to 90-120 days due to component availability. Thanks,
    Amy H

    Rock River Arms, Inc.
    1042 Cleveland RoadColona, IL 61241
    Ph: 309-792-5780 Fax: 309-792-5781Toll Free: 866-980-7625 (ROCK)

    Are there any others waiting as well. Or If you ordered one, has the wait time been about like this?


  2. purehavoc

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    I do know that RRA is running behind as are alot of other manufacturers , parts seem to be getting harder to get from some places and with that caliber your asking for its a hot item right now . Dont cancel your order you will regret it later and you dont want to have to go back to the bottom of the list . My buddy ordered a lefty stag and it finally came in 7 months later .
    Be patient it will be worth the wait ;)

  3. silverado113

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    I just ordered a stripped lower from them for a customer and they didn't say anything about it being that long. Just sent an email to see what they say now. I'm in the area so maybe if I stop by there enough it will speed up the process. :D
  4. dog2000tj

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    Be patient, RRA had the same delays back in 08' ..... of course, you could have ordered one from SBR -

    either way, an AR458 is well worth the wait and congrats on joining the big boyz klub ;)