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Greetings all:

I am a relatively new member of this forum, but I have been shooting all of my life. I have an early model AR-15 (SP-1) that I purchased new in 1980 which now wears a Trijicon TA31 ACOG, and recently purchased a US made Arsenal AK that I am also very happy with. Don't ask me how many other guns I own! However, I now find that I have an unexplainable urge to acquire an M4 type carbine.

I like the Rock River Arms carbines, especially the Elite Comp model. I would mount an EOTech 512 HWS on the carbine (I have one on the AK). I am looking for feedback from this forum, especially from Dillinger if he would be so kind as to respond, on a couple of issues.

First, are the RRA carbines as high quality as their brochures (and prices) seem to indicate? Is this a good choice? I do not mind paying top dollar if the quality is there.

Second, the Elite Comp model has the flip-down front sight/gas block where most other models have the typical A2 front sight/gas block. I think that the flip down front sight would be an advantage (with the matching flip-down rear sight) when using the EOTech HWS. I would plan on mounting the EOTech on a LaRue LT-110 QD mount so as to raise the HWS to where the iron sights would co-witness in the lower half of the HWS lens.

Thanks in advance,

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