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Greetings all:

I am a relatively new member of this forum, but I have been shooting all of my life. I have an early model AR-15 (SP-1) that I purchased new in 1980 which now wears a Trijicon TA31 ACOG, and recently purchased a US made Arsenal AK that I am also very happy with. Don't ask me how many other guns I own! However, I now find that I have an unexplainable urge to acquire an M4 type carbine.

I like the Rock River Arms carbines, especially the Elite Comp model. I would mount an EOTech 512 HWS on the carbine (I have one on the AK). I am looking for feedback from this forum, especially from Dillinger if he would be so kind as to respond, on a couple of issues.

First, are the RRA carbines as high quality as their brochures (and prices) seem to indicate? Is this a good choice? I do not mind paying top dollar if the quality is there.

Second, the Elite Comp model has the flip-down front sight/gas block where most other models have the typical A2 front sight/gas block. I think that the flip down front sight would be an advantage (with the matching flip-down rear sight) when using the EOTech HWS. I would plan on mounting the EOTech on a LaRue LT-110 QD mount so as to raise the HWS to where the iron sights would co-witness in the lower half of the HWS lens.

Thanks in advance,

I own the RRA NMA4 with 20" Stainless Bull barrel, NM sights, Hogue Grip, .030 hooded aperature, etc.. It's more than I expected and with the .223 Wylde chambering is more accurate than their 3/4 moa guarantee. Fit & finish is better than my DPMS - no play whatsoever between the upper & lower receiver, the trigger is spectacular, and the rifle is HEAVY at over 9.7 lbs loaded! I would not hesitate to buy another rifle from them, and am thinking of their .458 upper. A little tip, RRA and most manufacturers have dealer priceing and retail pricing. If you are friendly with your local gunshop, or have a friend with an FFL, have him give you a signed copy of his FFL and order from RRA yourself - you'll save about $300 off their retail price! My NMA4 cost me $915...not the $1215 retail.

PS - I have the removeable carry handle with A2 front sight, and I have a fixed 3-9x handle-mounted scope. I have had the handle off and mounted a scope on the 1913 rail and didn't have any problems with obscuration by the front sight - the focal distance of the scope is long enough so that the sight cannot be seen as an obstruction. Besides, with medium bases the top of the A2 sight comes to just below the horizontal reticle, so co-witnessing is possible even with this set-up, as are most M4 carbines in use by the military, which have A2 sights.
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