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Greetings all:

I like the Rock River Arms carbines, especially the Elite Comp model. I would mount an EOTech 512 HWS on the carbine (I have one on the AK). I am looking for feedback from this forum, especially from Dillinger if he would be so kind as to respond, on a couple of issues.

First, are the RRA carbines as high quality as their brochures (and prices) seem to indicate? Is this a good choice? I do not mind paying top dollar if the quality is there.

Second, the Elite Comp model has the flip-down front sight/gas block where most other models have the typical A2 front sight/gas block. I think that the flip down front sight would be an advantage (with the matching flip-down rear sight) when using the EOTech HWS. I would plan on mounting the EOTech on a LaRue LT-110 QD mount so as to raise the HWS to where the iron sights would co-witness in the lower half of the HWS lens.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the Forum!

First off, many thanks for the shout out, but I am far from the expert. I am merely a guy who tries to share what I have learned through trial & error, and direct exposure.

My take on Rock River Arms is as follows. They are making one hell of a good product. Their weapons are top notch, and there are few things I would change about them that didn't involve buying customized parts, like a Krieger Barrel. They have an excellent reputation within the industry, and they seem to stand behind their product. If you bought one of their M4 variants, I don't think you would be disappointed in their performance.

Having said all that, I feel the product IS over priced in the market. RRA has reached a status just below the Sabre Defence and D & L Sports models. They know it. Other people know it, and they charge accordingly.

For the RRA Comp Series, you are looking at what, about $1470 base?! Let's get serious here for a minute. I am currently building an AR from scratch, piece meal as the paydays allow. ( you can see the progress in the Projects Section ) I bought an upper and lower, some parts, like the super cool MIAD grip system, and recently added the best 2 stage trigger on the market, the RRA National Match drop in. Currently I am in this project about $378. If I add the really good Magpul collapsible, like the Elite Comp has, I am looking at about $92-$95 plus shipping. Call it $100 shipped to my door and my lower has now cost me $480. That's a complete lower, and with my purchase, I have an upper all ready.

Now, that leaves me $990 to match what you are going to pay for the BASIC Elite Comp Package.

I bought a Yankee Hill Machine, full floated front tube with a 1913 rail along the top and ( 3 ) 4 inch tubes, offset at 90 degrees to the top rail. I love this forend and will be replacing it on my existing AR's as well. That was $140, plus shipping. Call it $160 to my door.

That leaves me $830 to match what you are paying. Krieger Barrels is one of our favorites from the shop where I work. They make incredibly accurate barrels and everyone of them shoots better than I can. For a .223 Wylde Barrel for this platform, it's going to run me, $360 for their ultimate heavy barrel, and another $100 for their chambering procedure to your specs. That's $460 plus shipping. For $15, you can get their gas block. Call it $500 to your door. That leaves me about $330 to add accessories to my AR, including heads up or optics, BEFORE we start spending on the same playing field.

That means that I can add the Yankee Hill Machine Folding front and rear sights, which I feel are the best on the market. Or I can spend that extra cash towards a new EoTech. There are a lot of possibilities on paper.

So, you can get a really good product in the Elite Platform from RRA, or you can spend a little sweat, some piece meal shopping and assemble a platform that might indeed be a better overall product for the same money. The choice is yours.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with the RRA. Two years ago at this time, before I started building AR's for other people, I might have chosen the same product. Knowing what I know now, it's not an option for me because I feel I can build a much better shooting product for probably less than the same "package" price.

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