Rock Island Armory .22TCM/9mm Micromag

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    Recommended? - yes
    Company Website - Armscor/Rock Island Armory,com
    Manufacturer - Armscor

    1911-style double-stack autopistol
    17 rounds .22 TCM/15 rounds 9 mm capacity.
    weight - 2.60 lbs unloaded/2.84 lbs loaded
    8.75 " long/ 5.5" high
    .22 TCM barrel - 5" long, 6-groove/1 in 16" twist
    trigger pull 4-6 lbs.
    frame & slide construction - steel
    grips - polymer
    comes equipped with: 1-.22 TCM barrel, recoil spring and extractor
    1- 9 mm Parabellum barrel, recoil spring and extractor
    1- magazine
    hard polymer case​
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    All newammunitionpermutations need to go through a "wildcat" period where there are a limited amount of platforms to shoot them. Such it is with Armscor's new .22 TCM Micromag round. This combination of a cut-down and necked shell from a .223 rifle cartridge and a 40-grain jacketed hollow-point .22 bullet that looks like it belongs in a .22 Win Mag box is a spectacular performer. A squeeze of the trigger brings an almost howitzer-class muzzle flash and report combined with an average projectile velocity of over 2000 fps (feet-per-second), well into serious rifle territory. But instead of the expected price in muzzle-flip and hand-pain that suchperformance usually requires, the Rock Island Armory .22 TCM1911 shooterexperiences less recoil than a 9mm shot exacts. In fact, it seems almost as tame as a .22 Magnum!
    The firearm may have something to do with this; the 1911 platform is traditionally rather gentle, especially steel 1911's that bring almost three-pounds of weight with them. This new Rock is handsome in an understated way, Parkerized with subdued polymer grips; but it also carries a flattened top to it's slide and a subtle bevel along the slide skirts, not budget pistol fare. It also has the extended beavertail, commander hammer and skeletonized trigger of the Rock Island Full Size Tactical series and adds a fine set of adjustable, white-dot, Novak-style, rear sights.
    This is a "double-stack" style pistol, much like the Para-Ordinance line of 1911's; with a wider handle needed to hold the wider magazine. These type of guns take a less common type of grip, thinner and with little extensions that ordinary 1911 grip scales don't have. Some shooters may have trouble with the size of the handle on a pistol of this type; you should check before laying down your money. Speaking of money, this is not a cheap gun; $775 is well above the usual price range of RIA 1911's and the TCM ammo is expensive and not in wide circulation (that means noWalmartbargain daysspecials on it...yet). This expense is mitigated by the inclusion of a second barrel in the box; a 5-inch bored in 9 mm along with a recoil spring calibrated for that size of ammo, and an extractor sized specifically for 9 mm (though the TCM-specific extractor works fine for 9 mm). A shooter experienced with 1911's can change out the barrel and spring in mere minutes, an extractor switch taking somewhat longer. Yes, the pistol has to bere-zeroed for each type of ammo (easy with the adjustable sights).
    Is this new pistol worth considering? I think so; the TCM round is powerful and accurate without imposing a recoil penalty on the shooter and it's cost will decline as more shooters and more firearms start using it. For cheaper shooting the 9 mm option is less expensive and only minutes away from TCM configuration. Since my usual range has banned the TCM from use because of it's ballistics, the optional 9 mm ability is a godsend. Check with your local shooting venue before lighting it up.
    This is a well-built, semi-custom gun that can use a relatively exotic cartridgeaccurately as well as "belly-button bullets" in "plastic-pistol" capacities. It shoots nicely with either ammo and carries the usual superb Rock Island guarantee and is a nice companion to a .45 ACP 1911. Price Payed: $775.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Spectacular new cartridge yet capable of economical 9mm shooting. Build quality with custom touches. Cons: Pricy gun and ammo but 9mm capability makes up for it some. Synopsis: The first platform to use a spectacular new cartridge size is a double-stack 1911 that can lead a double-life!