Rock Island .22 TCM

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    I got to shoot one of these at a range a couple of months ago and was impressed. I love shooting .22 LR out of my Kimber .45 with the Kimber conversion unit, and the TCM is a .22 on steroids. Not much recoil at all and a big ball of flame, it gets attention from others at the range. I saw this guy shooting one and wondered what caliber was sounding like thunder and producing such a fireball. The factory loads are supposed to be a 40 grain soft point @ 2000 fps. out of a 5" 1911. Out of a long gun it gets considerably more. I have not chronographed them myself as some of my gear has not caught up with me after a recent move, but others, in reviews of this round are getting 2000 fps or slightly more. The RIA is pretty decent for a lower priced 1911, as others have said the shortcomings are: sights aren't the most visible,( mine are black with no white dots but other tests I've seen have the 3 dot sights) and the grips, checkered hard black plastic with what appears to be a place in the center for a medallion, but no medallion present. The grips just feel a bit cheap and will be replaced before long. Fit and finish and trigger pull are good. Mine is finished in an O.D. green finish, either Duracoat or Cerakote. I've seen some tests and you tube videos where the little 40 grainer mushrooms nicely and penetrates around 14 inches in gelatin, and blasts a 35 caliber hole in 3/16" or 1/4' steel, while the 9mm and .45 just slightly crater it. And the magazine holds 17 of the bottle necked rounds. Mine came with an extra barrel in 9mm. Put the 9mm barrel in, along with the supplied heavier spring, and it's ready to go as a double stack 17+1 1911 in 9mm. I fired a box of each caliber through the RIA . The first couple rounds of 9mm failed to close the slide all the way, but all the rest fed without a hitch. The guy I bought it from is a distributor of Armscor/ Rock Island and had extra magazines and lots of .22 TCM ammo. I bought 500 rounds for $160. I'll probably buy that many more and am saving the brass for when I get reloading dies for it. A friend and I shot a few targets and the groups were from 2 to 3 inches at 25, I'm sure with a better rest that will be improved on.The pic shows the TCM round between a 9mm and .45ACP.

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