Rock Island 1911 in 22TCM

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Mick3411, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Mick3411

    Mick3411 New Member

    Sounds like a very interesting gun. Get a 2000fps 22 and a 9mm with the same gun. Anyone shot one yet?
  2. Olympus

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    I have seen a lot of mixed reviews. Some really good and some pretty mediocre. I'm not sold on the 22TCM cartridge. I don't see it filling any kind of niche that can't be accomplished with another caliber that is not proprietary in nature. The ammo is expensive and I'm not even sure if there are dies available for reloading. To me it's just another hyped caliber that's not really necessary. That's just my take on it though. YMMV

  3. molonlabexx

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    Sootch00 did a review and I was hooked. Seems like a neat gun. Really have had my eye on it. The TCM cartridge requires not barrel exchange to go from a .22 to a 9MM
  4. CaseyChadwell

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    Actually read a review in one of the handgun magazines a while back. Seems like it's getting quite a following out west with people who enjoy handgun hunting for small game. The cartridge itself seems like it could be a viable self defense round in capable hands. I forget the down range energy, but it's quite a bit. I think the concept is deffinately there, but the following may be much higher if it was the 22 hornady or 22 colt or some other brand other than coming out in only a ria. There's still some snobs out there who won't own or shoot a ria 1911.

    If/when dies are available, it will be nice using the same bullets for your 223 and your 1911...just different cases. From what I have seen on YouTube the round hits pretty hard with a 40 grain bullet.
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