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    I guess this could be considered history. About 3 miles from here is Rock Eagle 4H Camp. Its part of the University of Georgia system. Its also a 4H club summer camp where kids can come for a week or so during the summer and participate in different activities. I grew up about 100 miles west of here but I remember coming to Rock Eagle when I was a kid but never thought I would live near here. Anyway the name Rock Eagle comes from a rock mound in the shape of a bird located on the property. There's another mound maybe 15 miles from here called Rock Hawk. There is also a Rock Snake in the county but I have never seen that one. Every Sunday during the off season when there are no kids there, they serve lunch in the dining hall and I was there yesterday and decided to take some pictures of the big bird. Maybe someone will find it interesting and if not then just move along because there is nothing to see here. :p

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    I found it interesting. It's thought to be a burial mound... so its never been excavated? Or they aren't talking. Hmmm

    I visited serpent mound in Ohio a couple years ago. It's been recently discovered that the head of the serpent sits on the edge of a meteor crater, and its body aligns with the equinox in the spring and fall. There are many astrological facts associated with it, and its believed there are more to be discovered.

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    I love history more than that local history is the real history of America love the post do some more maybe of Rock Snake so u get to see something new as well