Rob Pincus on some discussed issues

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by G30USMC, Mar 13, 2014.

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    I like his words on open carry. There is a time and a place for open carry. Scaring old ladies ar Walmart or trying to drive a chain of pro second amendment coffee houses out of business is not helping us defend the second amendment.

    I live in a small community. I have accidentally walked into a restaurant with a gun on my hip. When the owner looked at me in a funny way, I remembered my gun and took it back to the truck. No one was offended and we can still bring guns in the restaurant. Why can't our fellow gun owners exhibit the same amount of common sense. We shouldn't need open carry laws. Gun owners should have enough sense to know what is proper and acceptable.
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    I'm a premium member on his site, and we interviewed him at SHOT...great Guy..very smart. And he has validated my Thoughts on Carry and Selection of a ED-CC Gun with his "Single Stack 9MM" video...and he told me at Shot, that 14 or 15 rounds and Up is a Battle Gun, 6-10 round guns are for Carry...

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