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Rob here.. 39 and counting.. I'm the webmaster of out of New Jersey and moderate about 12 Yahoo groups on powder-coating and Lathes/Mills (all guy/garage/diy) stuff..

NOT big into guns with a wife named (and I kid you not) BAMBI!.. lol :D But I have been to the range many times with a neighbor.. (give me the Barret again will ya). Of course all my ammo is FREE as is my JEEP :cool: (thanks Eric)

But I intend to become more "into it" as time allows.. (three kids 9-15-21)

For now I hide in the garage and work on the Hotrod and Fiero convertible.. (yes they never made one) I want one!

Got the email from Kyle about being here.. so here I am Kyle!

Looks like Its time to do some READING.. I'll see you in the posts..


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Welcome Rob :)

I have a feeling that the fact you get free ammo may launch you deeper into the firearm hobby!
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