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Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by Silvertip 44, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Silvertip 44

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    I have a Remington Model 5 cal. .22 rifle (one of those made in Zastava Serbia) and I would like to get a set of 1" steel scope rings for it. Does anyone know the size of the dovetail groove on these rifles? I looked on the Optics Planet site and they list 11mm, 13mm and 3/8in.
    Thanks in advance for any help and knowledge offered.
  2. Ranger-6

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    The sight mount groove on my Mossberg 702 takes 3/8" scope rings. The scope I have is a 1-inch with a 40mm lens. I went to Walmart and got the rings that was medium height.They work very well.

  3. Triumphman

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    As to what receiver's grove you need, you're gonna need to find and measure---either with your local Gun Smith's help, website info, or what Optics Planet may have as info for your model of rifle. I'm sure some website has the info you need? Most if not all USA rifles have 3/8 grooves as a standard, if they were truly made here in United States, but when gun's are made by foreign maker's and imported under a US Gun Maker's name, then it could be anything. Funny thing is now WalMart is now carrying medium rings for 1" scopes(40mm with "NO" A/O) with grooved 3/8th receivers now, and they also carry a nice little Tasco 4 power scope with included rings for 3/8th grooved for $39.