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    The reason for posting is putting together a Nikon P22 and a 10/22 take down.
    I finally decided on a Nikon and that was the good part. It got even better when I discovered that Cabalas was having a sale this past weekend so the scope was marked down from $179 to $119.
    The bad part was that the sales person when I asked for rings for a 10/22 gave me Weaver medium rings. Scurrying home, I decided to put it together. I know- surprise surprise. The objective lens housing was resting on the screws for the rifle's rear sight even with the rear sight in its lowest position. It also meant that the "take down" wasn't a takedown any longer (as the barrel rotates the height of the rear sight increases.
    The solution was quite simple - I needed high rings. So back I went to ---.
    Fortunately it is only 21 miles.
    Lesson learned: Ruger's lovely little 10/22 take down model needs high rings.
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    for that size scope that is.... could get a smaller scope :p

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    Lesson learned: Next time you'll know to check the specs and/or measure those things instead of taking a counter person's word for it. You weren't the first, and won't be the last to learn that lesson. Trust me. :D

    Congratulations on the new toys! :)
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    You might also want to think about an add on cheek rest to get the proper cheek weld.
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    Yeah,yeah, but when you get the "bright shiny disease". It is fun. I've been out in the back yard popping the heads off the dandelions. It sure beats mowin' 'um off with the tractor. I've still got my 77/22 all weather for practice before deer season. Dang .22s short guns and rifles sure make a guy smile.
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    Bushnell's catalogue has a handy chart for figuring the proper hight rings related to the objective lense of scope, It's all based on the objective lense diameter.
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    My first good scope was a Baush & Lomb Bolivar 8- no internal adjustment you simply adjusted the bases. This was followed by a succession of Leupold Vari X IIs. The last few years My optics have been the Bushnell Elites (3200s) I 'm sold on their "rainguard". Previously, two days in a row I found myself in the center of an elk herd during a blizzard. The snow was unbelievable. I was going from wiping my glasses to wiping my scope and couldn't keep up. The second day I tried using my gun case as a drag bag. Wiping my glasses and then unzipping the bag- I was too slow.
    Optics have improved so much from my dad's Weaver 2X in the early 60's.
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    The high rings defeat the purpose of having a take down. If you were able to truly boresight the rifle it would be 2" high at 50 yards. I would put the Nikon on a bolt action rifle were you will get your moneys worth out of it. You might be able to return the Nikon. The scope in the picture is a Millet, that can be mounted with low rings that will fit in the case.

    A fixed power scope of a design like this will be the best fit for your take down.
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