Rimfire Slings & Bipods

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    I have a couple guns that could use slings and bipods. Those studs on the forearms of the stocks let you quick attach a bi-pod, right? The little round ones with the holes? I'd like a single bi-pod I can use for all of these, and a sling for each. More traditional for the Savage & CZ, more tactical for the Ruger & Beretta.

    1. CZ 453 Wood stock, blued. It's only got 1 of those studs.

    2. Savage 93, laminated wood stock, Stainless. 2 studs.

    3. Ruger 77/22 all weather, boat paddle stock. Has that AR-15-like sling attachment, no studs.

    4. Betetta CX4. 40 S&W carbine. One stud.

    Any suggestions?