rimfire for coyotes .17hmr vs .22 mag?

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  1. squirrelyman19

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    Im looking to get a rimfire rifle for coyotes. Whats youre veiws on them for coyotes. The public land i hunt only allows rimfire for coyotes at night... and for day hunting i kinda wanting a autoloader for quick follow ups in the timber and open.

    Ive looked into 22 mags but .17 has higher velocity and better round selections.

    Just want some veiws and suggestions
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  2. howaman

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    like the idea of the .17 hmr, however everything affects the shot on these. wind, thermals... anything will throw this round off. The .22 mag will be the perfect gun for the job. Range and price of rounds are relativly close between the two. I have not seen many coyotes killed by .17 hmr's becasue shot placement has to be perfect. head shots are the only ones that will do with this round. I would suggest the .22 mag but then again i'm just another person with an opinion.

  3. Wings-ofthe-Luftwaffe

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    Both of those rounds and WELL capable of taking down a coyote. IMHO the .17 HMR with soft ballistic tip rounds would be your best bet, but there is NOTHING wrong with killing a coyote with the .22 mag.

    Marlin 17 HMR Varmint Rifle w/Scope/Heavy Barrel/Wood Stock/ for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $256.00 - my choice for a .17 coyote killer (unless you're ok with spending over 400 for a CZ 452.. then by all means!)

    Marlin 22MG BOLT CLIP 4&7 RD WAL for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $195.00 - 22 mag (again unless you can afford the cz equivalent. I LOVE CZ varmint guns!)

    I also REALLY like this gun - Henry Pump 22 Mag Octagon Barrel Walnut Stock for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $451.00 - if you're looking to spend - but I have never even shot. Can't go wrong with a Henry tho - right?

    just my 2 cents
  4. jpattersonnh

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    .22WMR, 30gr Ballistic Tip or +V HP, 33gr Ballistic tip, 40gr standard FMJ/ HP.
    .17HMR 17gr Ballistic tip, 20gr HP game point
    Autos in .22WMR or .17HMR both suck.

    A .22 mag is the better choice!
    I have both and the .22 mag w/ a 40gr CCI maxi Mag HP wins hands down at 100 yard range.
    I have the same issue here in S.NH w/ restrictions. A shotgun w/ #4 lead is great out to 40 yards.

    Browning A-bolt .22WMR w/ 3-9x42mm Bushnell.(Bottom in Pick)

    Marlin 917V .17HMR w/ 6-24x40mmAO
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  5. squirrelyman19

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    well i really want a .22 mag . but found a deal on some guns and accesories today .. and we (my dad and i ) went together and got them .. and one of them was a savage 93R17 .. w/ scope.. .. but im replacing scope... gona hopefully clean it up and try it out today.. the guy said they never been shot but ill know more when i clean them . ..(kinda dusty)..
  6. jono999

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    in england
    we r not alound to shot foxes with less than 223 as 17 hmr and 22wmr is deemed a too light bullet for the job
  7. stalkingbear

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    I've shot, and seen shot coyotes with both and I firmly believe the ol .22 magnum has the edge on coyote sized game. I've seen a few coyotes run off when hit with the .17HMR, only to be recovered later on that farm or the next farm over. The .22 magnum seems to drop them more reliably.