Rimfire day at the range..

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    Took my 2 boys and 1 of their friends to the range today. Both of my sons brought their .22's, I brought my Marlin 60 and Marlin 917v .17HMR. Tried some Federal 17gr V shock in the HMR. Man is that ammo dirty. 30 rounds total. After 15 I noticed our 8x10 target was not even being hit. The fouling was really serious when I cleaned it. The 1st 2 patches looked like they were dipped in tar.
    .22's as usual were great. My little guy was a 1985 Romanian M1969 trainer. The 8x10 target for the HMR was at 120 yards, He flipped to his 100 meter rear sight and was plugging it off hand. We were shooting Centurian standard 40gr HP, Winchester Wildcat solids (the ammo of my youth), Centurian sub sonic 40gr, and CCI stingers. The other 2 targets were at 40 and 60 yards. Old 1qt oil containers on sticks, so they react when hit. 400 rounds of .22lr goes quick. My middle sons old Winchester 190 is a really nice shooter. I paid $100.00 for it 3 years ago. My little guys M69 is a real great shooter, that was $70.00, and is matching which is not common. Still has the typical Taiwan made mag.
    Great day overall. Gotta love .22's. Out of pocket expense today for 4 people was about $18.00. There is more invested in the HMR then all the .22's combined. The rifle at cost was $200.00 2 years ago and the scope, a 4-12x40mmAO was another $200.00. Not really sure if it was worth it. My .22WMR is twice the rifle. Yes it did cost $475.00 many years ago and is topped w/ the same scope as the HMR only it is 3-9x40, no AO, and it is a Browning A-bolt Gold Medalion, but it is night and day. With that SOB and CCI Maxi mag HP's it will shoot 3/4 inch 100 yard shots all day long.
    Granted, there was a stiff wind today. But a .22lr w/ open sights out preforming a .17 HMR, That is sad.

    OS forgot to mention, the scope on the .22WMR was purchased used, $60.00
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    Sounds like a blast, congrats. ;) I just got a Ruger 22lr as a birthday present from the girlfriend. She kept asking me "why do you need another gun?". I broke it down what it cost me to shoot my girls - 5.56N, .308W and .458SOCOM. Then I broke down the cost of shooting 22lr, she laughed. :(

    Of course me being me I have already shopped for parts and components to completely remake the Ruger. Almost to the point that even the receiver may get swapped out. So a $200 rifle that is dirt cheap to shoot is probably going to end up costing as much as my AR's. :eek: :D

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    Took the wife and grandkids out a few days ago, had 43 rimfire guns in the boot..12,000rds of ammo in 30cal ammo cans. And ten Shootin' Jacks.

    i set up the portable shooting benches and sunshades, laid some guns out on the folding table and got the kids sat down at teh benches. Once I heard the bullets "pinging" on the jacks, I knew I could relax, get out the latest urchase and run some rds thru it to check it out.
    The wife and kids will sit there and roll the jacks over from 20yds out to about 50yds(at whichpoint the grandkids have a hard time hitting them consistently due to iron sights) and then it. Is time to oen actins, take a break and drink some lemonade, while I bring the Jacks back in a little closer for another round.

    We managed to run ammo thru all but five of the guns I brought out..decided one of my old Mossbergs bolts actions and the Marlin golden mountie was her favorites of the day, while the grandson was stuck on the win 67 carbine and the granddaughter just kept loving on the ruger 10-22 with the new thumbhole stock and bipod.
    We manafed to deplete approximately 4,500 rds in about 4 hours, then it got pretty hot and the kids were hungry, so we packed up, put away everything, and headed home for lunch.

    Hope all your family range days are as happy as ours usually are...fourth of July will be our next extended family get together and we are looking forward to some good natured family competition on the range.
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