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Rig Gun Grease

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Any one use Rig gun grease? I am going to try it out I think, I have been told it is a good option for firearms which are in storage, it seems if I use a lighter oil on them the next time I look at them some rust has developed somewhere.
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Don't know of that brand. I do use a grease though. I use slp ewg on my firearms on the slides and triggers.
If you have an issue with storage with firearms that are long time no touch types, put some desiccant in a gun bag and vaccume lock the bags. Also there are things like the golden rod that can be put in the safe to displace moisture
Ya this was before I had a safe, I just got one for Christmas, I was having this issue with the guns when they were just leaning up against the wall in my spare bedroom. Now I have the safe and got a small Remington dehumidifier thing for 25 bucks, we'll see how that works. Rig is now made/sold by Birchwood Casey, it used to be by a different company, can't recall the name, I haven't seen it in years in stores around here, I ordered it online.
I use that on my SS 1911 rails.
Works pretty good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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