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    Hi can some one give me some Info. on a cz Rifle . I have been on a waiting list now for almost 2 years for a Tika 223 with a Bull barrel .if you had to make a choice for a Rifle to use a lot at the range wit a 223 cal .and a bull barrel . and also use it for Coyotes what would you pick? a savage . a Tika .or Sako or a Cz Rifle . Thank you Trapper 1

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    right now my hands down pick for bolt guns is savage.
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    I would pick the SAKO. They certainly are not inexpensive but they are one of the most accurate factory weapons produced. I have an older SAKO Forester - Varmint Rifle in 243 Winchester and it will literaly stack rounds when shooting a group at 100. Certainly nothing wrong with the Savage either! They are very accurate! I have a 110 Predator Model in 223/5.56.
    I have heard CZ makes good rifles but I can attest to that, never have owned or shot one.

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    I have a CZ527 Varminter in .223. It has a CIP chamber, so Military ammo is no issue. Fit and finish is 1st rate. Accuracy is awesome. There is no downside that I have found. The Micro Mauser action reduces weight and is slick as glass. The single set or 2 stage trigger is great, completely adjustable.
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    I forgot about Savage. Word on the street is Savage makes a great rifle.
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    The CZ 527 Varminter also has a 1-8 twist rate. The American, which is what I have has a 1-12 twist. The 1-8 will stabilize heavier bullets. Mine loves 45 grn bullets and will work up to 55 grn bullets. Mine is .5 moa with 45 grn but opens up to about 1- with 55 grn handloads.
    I bought one of my grandsons (11 years old) a Savage 10 sporter weight in 223 (1-9 twist) and he was shooting sub 1 moa groups with 55 grn handloads. He was out shooting his fathers Rem 700. His dad sold his 700.
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    remington 700 vtr i bought in 223 has muzzle brake triangular barrel and a really nice gun. Bought it for coyotes bobcats and foxes
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    Muzzle break for 223?????????? Kinda just makes u ask why
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    Cause all the mfg's want to hop on the tacticool bandwagon,so all the young'uns will go out and buy them!

    To the OP,BudsGuns seems to have the Tikka Varminter 223 in stock-

    Tikka T3 Varmint .223 Rem, Blued SHIPS FREE
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    The CZ varminter has a 1:9 twist. I've shot up to 65gr so far. Like a laser.
    55gr, even commercail ammo out to 300 are always on target. I've loaded down to 52gr., still outstanding. Even Varmint Nightmares shoot very well.

    As they say, a picture is worth a Thousand words:
    Micro Mauser bolt vs standard '98 Mauser bolt:

    The rifle:

    It is a truely amazing rifle. The action is designed around the cartridge, not a cartridge made to fit an action.
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    So faster more controllable shots aren't important? Why do most shoot off of a bench rest? To control the movement of the muzzle for more accurate shots? It has nothing to do w/ wanting to look "high speed" it does have everything to do w/ better performance.
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    Trapper, I hate to burst you bubble but if you looking to find firearms on the cheaper side of things, these aren't the guys to ask.

    I'm not saying their not knowledgeable or trying to put them down in any way, but their American. The only "problem" with them being American is that their going to give you websites/stores that they buy from. The reasons that's an issue is because everything you order from the given websites would have to come a cross the border and from what I've heard, that's nothing but a lot of paper work and more money.

    I actually seen on site that said "ammunition will not be shipped across the border unless bought in larger (one million+) amounts due to cost of sending."

    I do have one sight for you that should work just fine and has decent prices on both rifles and ammunition.


    I haven't bought from the site, but I know guys who have gone into their store that's located up in my area and they seem to like the store.
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    As Kaido said- gents, please remember the poster is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and exporting a rifle FROM the US and importing it IN to Canada is not cheap nor easy.

    Trapper- Sako makes a very nice, accurate rifle. They are not the only ones. Savage has been turning out some very decent guns in the last few years. CZ is an excellent choice as well.

    One point to consider- the Sako has- I THINK- a 1:12 rate of twist. If you are going for a heavier bullet, or a LONGER bullet (polymer tipped) that will not give the stability that a 1-9 would give. Could be a factor for longer range shooting.