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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by paul, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. paul

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    Is the purpose of these chokes to add accuracy by putting a "spin" on a slug or sabot, shot through a smooth bore barrel shotgun. If I can get approximately same results with a rifled choke as a rifled barrel I may decide to save $120.00. A choke cost; $30.00 while a rifled Rem. 870 barrel is $150.00.
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    If you want to shoot combat matches, or turkey hunt, or run the 870 for home defense, the Remchoke bbl makes sense. I found the rifled tubes to offer some accuracy gain, but they fouled more quickly than a fully rifled bbl. Also, how the bbl fits in the receiver is a biggie on accuracy, as are triggers, and buying slugs from the same lot #.

    So, while people make claims of some systems being superior, and others sucking, there usually isn't much variable control being done in such experiments.

    How far do you intend to shoot deer with your rig and what slugs will you be using?

    If you're going to shoot past 100 and run sabot slugs, I'd go with a fully rifled bore. Inside 100 and using sabots or fosters, and maybe turkey hunting or other stuff, go with the Remchoke.

    Hell, last slug deer I shot I went old school, fitted a bbl up (smoothbore) bought some better type fosters............got decent groups at 75, good enough for 100 even, and blasted my deer at 20.


  3. HockaLouis

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    If you are in a shotgun-only area and are turning yours into a rifle for sabot rounds, you'll want a fully rifled barrel. Otherwise, you won't. How's that fer simple?
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    On sabotslugs I here they wont add enough spin, and still tumble.