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  1. mrbirdguy

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    I have a 870 with a rfled choke does the choke improve preformance?
    Does it hurt preformance?
    It it truly worth it?
  2. c3shooter

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    What it does is allow you to add rifling to a smoothbore barrel.

    If firing shot- like Turkey hunting- results will not be good- Rifling tends to spin the shot column, causing a "doughnut" pattern. For shot, use the smoothbore modified choke.

    Shooting slugs- specifically sabot slugs- they will do best from a rifled barrel. The rifled choke allows you to use those slugs. PS- rifled slugs do not do well in a rifled barrel. For traditional rifled slugs, use a smoothbore- cylinder of modified USUALLY gives best accuracy.

    So, to quit rambling and answer your question- allows you to change between a shot gun and a slug gun fairly quickly and cheaply.

  3. skullcrusher

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    If you have it already, then fine. Keep it for sabot slugs, like C3 said. Personally, I don't see the need for one. Smooth bore deer hunting with rifled slugs and smooth modified choke or accu choke. Turkey hunting with an extra full choke.

    Make sure the choke is fine with all saboted slugs. Some say "lead only". Many of today's saboted slugs are very little lead covered by copper. Those can limit the life of a "lead only" choke.
  4. Catfish

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    I read an artical once writen by a guy that did alot of testing with different slugs and different barrels and choke tubes. It seems it all boiled down to smooth bores are the least accurate and rifled barrels are the most accurate with rifled choke tubes being in the middle. So you will increase you accuracy with a rifled tube, but not as much as with a rifled barrel, so it just depend on how much you want to spend and how far you want to shoot. Try several different brands of slug in what ever barrel you use, some have definate likes and dislikes, and the cheap rifled slugs shoot well in rifled barrels.