Rifle Transfer from MO to KS

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    I picked up 3 lowers from PSA when they had their $50 sale a while back. I have finished all three AR's and I would like to keep one, give one to my dad and one to my brother. My dad has been helping me on the project and we will surprise my brother in a few weeks with his new gun.

    Here is where I get a bit confused. I live about two blocks into MO from the state line and both my dad and brother live in KS. I know the distance to the state line does not matter, but it seems a bit silly. So the question is, can I give the rifles over to my dad and brother? Do i need to have my FFL mail it to an FFL in KS, and then have them fill out the paper work? Can I take the gun to the KS FFL and have them administer the transfer? I am new to rifles, but I know they have different transfer rules than handguns.

    I have searched the threads, looked on the ATF site and checked other sources but have not really found an answer. If anyone can chime in or point me in the right direction that would be great.
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    I believe that you can bring the firearms over the border to an FFL in MO and let them complete the transfer.

    It would be a nice present to say "Let's go looking" and stop in at the FFL with your Dad and brother.
    I would set up with the FFL first.