Rifle Scope Varification and Tracking Drill

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    Due to my recent past issue with the stuck reticle. It brought to mind a Scope Verification Tracking Drill we have used in the sniper schools for years and also was the one that I used to varify that the Reticle problem I experienced was totally resolved. I thought I would share it with those that have not seen or used this procedure before. This is also a test that unfortunately a lot of inexpensive scopes can not pass. But it is very important to the Designated Marksman, Predator, Varmint Hunter, LE Observer Sniper or Competitive Shooter that the scope returns time after time to zero or previous distance settings. I have attached a sample of the target. It is important that the squares on the grid be exactly 1 inch squares. The X can be centered on a line as the sample is or in the center of the open blocks. The sample obviously is not to scale. But hopefully you will get the idea.

    Sniper 03
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    Sorry having trouble downloading the Tracking Drill

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    i know the drill your talking about. i find it very useful. only got two scopes that can pass. a nightforce nxs and a leupold mk4. none of my other scopes including my vx7 leupold and nikons track true to their declared values
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    Sounds interesting!!! I hope you get it to download. :)
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    I'm also interested. I read your post about the stuck cross hairs and I feel for you.
    I've experienced similar.

    This scope first had cross-hair drift, then cracked the glass then snapped the cross-hairs.
    "A bad day at the range is better than a good day at work..." Yes... but barely. ;)

    This POS scope was my first and broke it with my 458 SOCOM. I know better now.