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Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by mountainskytop, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. mountainskytop

    mountainskytop New Member

    I would like some inputs on the best rifle scopes with variable power capability that are available in under 200$ range. I have been away from that market for a long time. Thanks.
  2. Car54

    Car54 New Member

    I haven't tried every scope on the market but I use the one in the link below for my nighttime hunting. It gets banged around in the bed of a truck to and from hunting spots, up and down ladders, through heavy cover while stalking, and I have not had a problem. Good clear views, red/green ranged reticle, priced right. I use a PEPR mount.


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  3. mountainman13

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    The secret to optics is to spend the money once. Buy a decent optic and just deal with the cost as opposed to trying a cheap one and replacing it multiple times. Check opticsplanet.com
  4. jpattersonnh

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  5. jjfuller1

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    Check out nikon and Burris. Great scopes. 3x9 are generally under 200 for both brands
  6. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    There are no decent scopes under $200.

    The Nikon and Burris offerings are their "seconds." Their "Blue Light Special" line.
  7. TCH2FLY

    TCH2FLY New Member

    "decent"is completely subjective. There are riflescopes under $200 that can perform adequately for many applications.

    "seconds" .... that some sort of "fact" you can back up just opinion?

    as far a "blue light special", yes they are budget priced scopes that do not have the same performance as higher priced optics but that doesn't mean they are not serviceable.
  8. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    I just purchased and am waiting for UTG 4x30 Compact CQB scope. Not expensive and probably not much, but am willing to play with what I can get for the time being.

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  9. heymatthew

    heymatthew New Member

    I'm new around here, but thought I'd chime in on this one... Just this morning I purchased a Redfield Revenge 2-7x34. I don't have it in-hand yet, but it will be here Wednesday and I will update with my initial thoughts. Also, if you buy a Redfield Revenge or Revolution scope between now and December 31, 2012, you get a $30 mail-in-rebate. I paid $139 with free shipping for the scope from Amazon and with the rebate, it comes down to $109. A lifetime warranty only adds to the value, in my opinion.

    I've never shot a Redfield scope before, but I understand they have great rapport with shooters. Someone much wiser than me may want to weigh in.
  10. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 Active Member

    i just dont see how you could think that. both companies offer lifetime warranties. and both have clear, crisp picture. ive had my nikon on 2 different rifles and its worked great. never lost zero. they are by far one of the best optics for the price range.. sure a swarvoski, or zuess is better. but then again they cost at least 500 and up.
  11. huffmanite

    huffmanite New Member

    Good scope under $200? Check Natchez for what Nitrex tr1 scopes they have left. Discontinued brand, but essentially a Weaver Grand Slam and box will have Nitrex by Weaver on it. Japanese made and good optics in it. Last time I checked Natchez, ones left were priced under $140.

    Also at Natchez, prices reduced on the Weaver aspherical lens 40/44 models. Priced $140 or less. Philippine made, very decent optics.

    I've had good luck and been satisfied with the two newer model BSA scopes, the Majestic DX Hunter (own 3) and the Gold Star (OWN 2). Grafs and Sons has some of them on sale last time I checked for a lot lower price than I first paid for mine. Both are side focus on higher power ones. Decent glass and etc. on both models.
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