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  1. V3ritas_A3quitas

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    Well I'm hoping to start my AR build pretty soon, and I'm already looking forward to the next gun I will be wanting to get. here is where you guys come in.

    What are some of your guys' favorite rifles? Which ones would you recommend getting cheap? Around $150-250, mostly looking for a plinker that I can use to improve my longer range shooting on. Are there any bolt actions in this price range?

    Just looking to see what you guys use and like to use.
  2. LittleBear

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    Mosin-Nagant Rifle...It uses a 7.62mm 54 Rimmed Round. Durable, Semi Accurate "depends on model and condition of rifle", and beatiful rifle....This rifle is great buy. I suggest getting a 91-30 model and not the 44...The model 44 is a carbine and the accuracy goes down quite a bit on it. But the best part about these rifles are the price! You simply can not beat it...160 doller will get you a very well taken care of rifle....Not perfect, might have a few nicks in the stock but the bore should be free of pitting at that price. With my 91-30 I can get a 4 inch group at 200 yards with iron sights.....not bad for a rifle made in 1943 by the Soviet Union.

  3. V3ritas_A3quitas

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    Sounds like a pretty good deal! Anyone know of some quality gun stores in the Oregon-area?
  4. stalkingbear

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    If you can save a bit more, for around 300$ you can buy a new Marlin XL-7/XS-7 with synthetic stock or a Stevens model 200. They're both decent bolt actions for the money and perform well in excess of what you'd expect for a rifle of that price.

  5. NGIB

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    Just as emphasis - when Bear recommends something you can take it to the bank...
  6. Dillinger

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    For starting out? If you don't have a lot of shooting experience, I would recommend getting a good .22lr and practicing the basics of shooting from 50 to 150 yards with it.

    The ammo is cheap, the effects of wind/gravity/ballistics on a small bullet can be easily studied as you move your targets back further.

    Or you can take Bear's excellent advice.