rifle rechambering?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by hay, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. hay

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    is it possible to rechamber a .22 RIMFIRE rifle to a .22 hornet CENTERFIRE rifle? i would think the bolt action would also be changed? this a a remington model 514 single shot .22 rimfire to be modified. just curious if it could be done and possibly how? by professional or home novice "gunsmith"? any comments are appreciated. thanks.
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    Boy, you don't want to do TOO much there do you?

    Okay, first off, anything can be done if you want to throw enough money at it.

    That said, I don't believe this is an operation you are going to want to undertake because of the expense versus just buying a new rifle in .22 Hornet.

    What is the twist rate on your rifle? Because conventional wisdom is a 1:14 is "factory ideal" for the .22 Hornet

    If you don't have that sort of twist rate, it's kind of a mute point to rechamber a rifle in a rate that will underspin, or over spin, your desired caliber.

    That being said, converting from a rimfire to a centerfire is something I have never done, or seen done, so I just don't know what work you would have to do on the action itself to get it to work, but my guess, more than you want to do.

    As far as dimensionally, it would appear on the surface that you could rechamber the barrel, but the action would be a WHOLE different story all together....


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    rifle rechambering

    your reply to my post is about what i was thinking. after all, if a question is not asked, then it cannot be answered. again, i was thinking out loud and thanks for your reply.
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    I agree that most things can be done with enough money. However rechambering a Remington 514 22 RF to 22 Hornet cannot.

    Your bore diameter is different, rim size is different and the end all deciding factor: the action is too short (discounting the rimfire to centerfire issue, which I dare say is insurmountable in it's own right.)
  5. LongRifles Inc.

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    Chambering the barrel isn't the issue and the gun would probably shoot quite well actually. (let me explain before you get the flame throwers out)

    A 22 rimfire uses (we'll simplify this) a "tight bore" where's a 22 Hornet uses a "loose bore" (centerfire dimension) barrel.

    What is often done is using a "tight bore" barrel for a Hornet. The trick is knowing this ahead of time so that the reamer has the right pilot.

    Correctly done the Hornet will typically shoot a little better. While your at it have it done in a K hornet or Ackley to get a little more velocity out of it.

    Here is your challenge though. you have a receiver intended for a rimfire, the Hornet is a centerfire cartridge.

    1. rimfire operates at much lower pressure so even if you could get it to go bang the lug surfaces are a bit small (surface area) to be putting up with this increase in pressure.

    2. The firing pin is out of location by about .06" of an inch. It'll never touch the primer and even if it did the gun would probably shoot poorly because rimfire striker springs are no where near the power that a centerfire delivers. Weak primer strikes cause guns to shoot like crap.

    Your best bet is hang onto that rifle and just go find a hornet. Then get a nice rimfire barrel and have it fitted up so it'll really shoot.

    Good luck.
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    that would be a waste of a fine rimfire. If you want a hornet then go buy a hornet. Not trying to be a jerk. But the 500 series of remington rimfires as a good following and if you didn't want it or needed funds for another buy then head over to rimfirecentral.com and look in the remington forum. There are a few guys that would take it in a hart beat.